favorite yoyo tool/ accessory


I was wondering what was your favorite?



Definitely the YYF multi-tool

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Would you even consider something required to play a certain type of yoyo an accessory?

And a different note, what would you consider an accessory?
String? Bearings? Response?

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Holsters and Cozies. Duh.


Totalartist YoYo holder of course!!!


YYF multi tool for repair work an stuff. A safety pin to pick knots. Cozies too!


I am not familiar with the “cozie”. What are they?


pliers and mineral spirits. 99% of my fixes use both.


A cozy is usually some sort of yarn or woven fabric cover for whatever thing it’s cozy’ing. I’ve seen them around here and there for yoyos, little woven bags, so I assume that’s what is being discussed.

For me, pliers. Not really a yoyo specific tool but I’m changing bearings all the time and the pliers always do the trick. I use them more than any other tool by a long shot.


Monkey Finger Rhino tool:

Cutter, knot picker/puller, bearing puller, axle adjuster.

The YYF tool lacks the puller part.

Don’t bring up the bottle opener part, it wasn’t a selling point.

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I don’t own one of these but the “puller part” is a bit unclear. I watched the video explaining how to use it.

It seems to me that only being able to rock the bearing in one direction (ie north and south) versus rocking in all directions (like the yyf multi tool) would be a disadvantage.

Aren’t they the same thing basically with one restricting the motion to remove the bearing?


Pretty much. The Rhino does state it’s not the best bearing puller. I rarely need to pull bearings and I do have suitable pliers and bearing pullers. Just, having a knot pick and cutter really is what does it for me. I figure if I’m doing maintenance, I’m most likely inside, under somewhat controlled circumstances, and with appropriate tools handy.

I get knots frequently. This is gonna be a time saver.


Yea, for me the bearing removal part of the YYF tool was the buying point. I’ve never used anything other than scissors to shorten a string. I’ve used forks, toothpicks and the like to get a loose knot out (or on tighter ones I just unscrewed the halves).

Realistically I wouldn’t carry either tool with me in my pocket. Holes in my pockets if I did for sure. :slight_smile:

That being said I’d vote for the YYF tool. The real use (IMO) is the ability to remove a bearing. Which I normally do in controlled circumstances.


Toothpick for knots