Most important yoyo tool

I’ve been throwing for years now on and off and have amassed a sizable collection of yoyos. Over the years I’ve met other fellow players and am always amazed at the different tools and accessories people carry with them.

So what do you guys consider important in terms of tools? (leashes, bearing tools, string cutters…etc.)

YYF multitool

Monkey finger rhino no question

Phone wire pick!

A good throw. As in: the skills to do a good throw of the yoyo.


Why is a pick not on the list. Picks can be like the one above or a from a precision sewing kit or a simple as a paper clip bent on the end. Sorry but I will not vote till pick is on the list. Its definitely my most used tool.

And I thought I was so smart! :stuck_out_tongue:

That pick right there I can get bearings out, undo knots, clean off excess dried silicone, and with a little work de-shield my bearings.

Helps that I work with phone wire and get them free. Fly Tying bobbins also work great.

Leathermen multi tool.

You really don’t need anything, but having some tools are nice.

If I could only choose one of these, I’d take the yoyo leash, that’s definitely what I use the most, I don’t think I own any of the other things you listed.

LOL overkill!! But I also carry one on my at all times besides school. Not to good with knots though, so I always throw a few paperclips in the sheath.

A pick, I agree is very useful. It wasn’t included because I’ve honestly not seen a single person with one either on them or in their gear. I personally always have toothpicks on me as a habit so that is one of the things they get used for.

The poll has been updated and I appreciate your input!

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I have on my keys a bearing puller, string cutter and Monkeyfinger pic.
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Thanks… I voted pick… Everyone I know has some sort of pick on them. Funny you never seen them in cases. Mmmmmm. Maybe im on to something. A new design for all to buy. :o ::slight_smile: ;D

The only tool I have is the yyf multi tool so that would be the best for me :P. When I first started yoyoing my grandma said when she was a kid she used a fork to get out knots so I did that for a while haha.

I agree, a paperclip or pick should be in this list.

Straight Up!

It is on the list.

Swiss Army Knife/multi utility knife, could be used to cut your string (as opposed to using your teeth, bad idea), and could use the flathead screwdriver blade as a string pick (for those who choose not to unscrew their yoyos.

I guess nail clippers could be useful as well, using the flat handle to undo a snag, and the clipper portion to cut your strings when needed.