Has any one done a head to head review of the yoyo multi tools?

I am considering getting one , I can get by using my Leatherman Wave and a set of alan/hex keys that came in my p.c. repair kit, but isn’t an all in one kind of package, and using the pliers on my Leatherman to remove bearings always makes me kind of nervous.

The 2 I know of are the YYF, and Monkeyfinger tools, are there much differences between the two as far as quality or number of (useful) tools or whatever? Are there other multi tools, even a DIY or something from a hardware store that does the same stuff that I haven’t come across that is another (better) option?

Honestly I thought about the MFd rhino and decided in going with the YYF version, it was cheap and had everything I. Red and works amazingly well.

But there are some reasons I’d like the MFD rhino I like that I can cut right at the knot when shortening the string, with the YYF tool I cannot it leaves just enough if the tail to annoy me. (I generally get out the scissors and rectify that). The bearing puller on the YYF works nicely and there is an actual hex key on the YYF tool where as the MFD I don’t believe either are present (well there is a bearing puller of sorts on the MFD tool but it doesn’t appear to function as well as the YYF tool.) but the MFD rhino comes with a bearing and has a cooler string cutter/knot or snag puller then the YYf tool does.

So in closing each tool serves slightly different purposes and will offer slightly different advantages (my solution if money’s not and issues get both lol). So you have to ask yourself “how often will I use the bearing puller? & will a dedicated axle key be something I find myself wanting? Also will that little tail bother me if I cut the majority off after making a knot to shorten the string?”

Hope this helps and hope it to gives you some things to ponder prior to purchase. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will probably go with the YYF one for now due to cost and because it doesn’t look like it will try to rip my pants open or scratch my electronic bits that I keep in my pocket like the MFD one seems like it would.

I think that’s a wise choice I like the MFD tool I just wish for a little more likeness to the YYF tool in fit and finish. Enjoy and remember don’t over tighten them axles!

Also that little hex key is awesome for getting snags out.

I’m a big fan of the duncan yo tility for its portability of always being attached to my belt. Although it only had a bearing puller, which works great, and a string cutter.

I wear my MFD tool on a string around my neck at all times. It’s a great knot picker and string cutter. The YYF tool I only use for bearing removal, but I wouldn’t want to have to do without it, either.

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I have a YYF one. It is cheap, it removes bearings and it removes axles which are by far the most important uses for it for me. I didn’t know it had a string cutter until recently but I guess it’s nice as opposed to having to find my pocket knife or grab a pair of scissors. I would never really consider purchasing the MFD multi tool. It cost substantially more and does things that I don’t care about.

The Rhino tool is a great thing to have on you if you want something small and resourceful. It’s really small so be careful not to lose it, but It does work really well for me and all my yo-yo needs. Plus the bearing it comes with is nice, always good to have spare bearings right?

As far as the yoyofactory one you’re on your own. Never used it.

I’ve really been on the fence about getting a rhino, it’s a bit pricey and I have a bad habit of buying tons of accessories.

I love my YYF multi tool. I’ve gotten two through purchasing yoyo’s (added bonus) and everything works wonderfully. It’s small, can be hooked to a keyring, and the hex key can be used to get at knots(for flared, open gapped yoyo’s at least… Good luck with a highwalled throw with a narrow gap.).

The bearing tool is immensely handy, especially since YYF’s are known to have tight bearing seats. I like to use it when I’m applying lube, since it helps keep the bearing from roaming off.

Finally, the string cutter cut strings. Nuff said.

I’d recommend it to anyone.

You all are crazy! I use a letter opener for all of my knots and string cutting (you can find them for like 50 cents at a dollar store and most places give them to you for free) and the YYF multitool came with my supernova and I barely use it. I couldn’t imagine a $14 cut piece of metal being all that necessary.

This is a letter opener that is similar to what I use. Extremely cheap and it works just fine. It cuts the string exactly where I want it AND has a knot-getter-outer (sorry for getting technical on you) and all for under $1. There have been very few times that I have been out and about and thought to myself, “Man, I should probably go into the woods and try to do some maintenance on my yoyo.” Typically if I’m somewhere that I have to take out a bearing or do any real work on my yoyos I have either a yoyo case or my backpack on me and both of which have some form of bearing removal tool in them.

I would suggest just buying a letter opener and if you HAVE to get a multi tool to remove bearings and/or axles then get the YYF one because it is cheap and you can just put it on a keychain.