Anyone carry a multi-tool on their keys?

I do but I’m not sure how I feel about it, just got it… I like the yyf one more I think… What about you guys?

i carry the YYF tool on me everywhere i go. I just wish it had something with a tool to pick knots out with.

Probably grab one of those MonkeyfingeR tools with an order soon. Until then, I do indeed have the YYF tool with me at all times. Put it on a regular ring, though, instead of the chain thingy it comes with.

I keep a YYF multitool on a chain on my yoyo case.

I like it on a ring too. Much more secure.


Use the part that goes into a loop 900, it picks out knots fine.

I really want that Monkey Finger multi-tool for the pick for knots.

I have a YYF tool, the string cutter is crap, so I got a cool one from legodude.

There are a few bad ones out there. I have 2, 1 “bad” tool and 1 “good” one. The bad tool’s blade isn’t sticking out as much as the good one’s.

What part that goes into the loop 900? Not the Allen key/axle key at the end of the multi-tool? Curious to know about this part he’s talking abou anyone have a picture?

I think he’s talking about the Allen key. It works fine for picking out simple knots with a little bit of a loop sticking out but if it’s a knot that’s been tightened either through a bind or a throw, you’d need something with a finer point.


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I’m probably going to get a Duncan Yo-tility Holster when they come out. It seems like the total package, and I would think you could get keys on there.

The Yo-tility holster does look promising but I’m worried the bearing tool might be for size A bearings that seem to be more common in Duncan throws.


No but I carry my keys on my multi tool lol