YYF 888x

how does this yo-yo compare to its 2007-09 predecessors?

I have the 888x and I had a b-stock of another year, still not sure which year it was haha might be an 08 or 07. There were just minor tweaks each year in the weight and size but from what I understand all very minor. Every one that I have thrown has been a beast and my 888x is currently my favorite undersized throw. (be it my only undersized throw) but it is still very smooth. I put a DifE Konkave Ceramic bearing and GSTring TD string and boy it is so sweet.

1st off, Don’t let the Made In China fool you. This is still a great yoyo. It’s got a highwall that the 07 888w’s and some other 888’s (special editions) had. It plays heavier than an 07 and an 09 (not sure on the 08). Still just as smooth. It’s got smooth stacks. Good for grinding, but of course could be better (it’s no candyblast or soda, ect). I honestly play it more than my 07. You’d be satisfied.

oh, and for the guy above me… the Ceramic KK does nothing a normal kk wouldn’t do.

so is the b-stock heavier or lighter?

ive been wanting one for 3 or 4 years, but i got an 888x and i dont really use it cuz it feels too light

the 07 888 was the best 888 by far. the 888x was the worse.



I’ll agree as well.

If there is no difference in a ceramic and non ceramic why make them? All I know is the combination of that bearing, with that string, with that particular yoyo is money. It might be just that one that I have, but man, it is a beast. I really want to try an 888.11 those look sick and they are made in the USA

“They are made in the USA”

888.11 cost - 135$

888x cost - 90$

American quality - Bad

China quality - Good

How is something being made in the USA a positive?

thats the feeling i got when i first got my 888x. just one of those “this doesnt feel like what ive been told” type of feelings

Get a load of this. He tosses in factual numbers, and then a load of crap and expects to get away with it.
I laugh.

The country has nothing to do with it. China is known for mass production, where corners tend to be cut so they can be produced cheaper.

USA! USA! USA! :slight_smile:

It is mainly cheaper labor and money going to another country when we need it here. China and other countries do not do it better or worse just cheaper because you can pay people 2.00 an hour over seas where minimum wage here is 7 something an hour. For me it is not a bash to another country but a pride for my homeland. Which is why I have changed my habits to that if there is something I can buy made in USA I will spend a little extra for it and be perfectly happy. Check out the song “Made in America” by Toby Keith.

Yeah, I just buy whatever plays best, I dont care where its made, anything like that, if it plays good, I use it.
Probably helps I have almost zero country pride as well ( yeah yeah shoot me dweebs) but hey US companies like Onedrop, that be legit ya know.

And the US made 07 888s do play many levels above the xs,

^^ totally agree, don’t care where its made. If it plays well, I use it. OneDrop is great, i didn’t know its US made, I also like CLYW … from canada i think.

08 888 < 09 888 < 888x < 07 888

07s are by far the best though.

Just to be clear on the ceramic bearing nonsense. (not pointing at you)

Bearings were and are not made for yoyo’s. We have adapted these bearings to fit our toys. These bearings are made for a variety of things. Aircraft instruments, RC cars and tons of other things. the ceramic bearings are made for chemically harsh environments. That’s the reason for them being ceramic. They can withstand nasty chemicals.

::hides in hole::

Gonna clear this up for everyone. If you sold everything in your house that was made in China, it would most likely involve selling over half your belongings and half the structure of the house itself. Just because it’s made in China doesn’t mean it’s low quality. And you also can’t forget that some of the best yoyoers in the world are from China.

I use almost nothing but my Asia Edition 888. The 888x was my favorite yoyo and I used to use nothing but it… I havent touched them for 4 months because of my Asia Edition 888.

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