YYF 888x

I agree, I don’t remember which person said it, but I don’t equate made in China as low quality. I equate it to low labor costs. Things like pens, cheap silver ware, cheap plastics, cheap toys things like that are often made in China probably 90% of the time because if they were made in the USA they would be 10 times as much. iPhone for instance, manufactured in China, if the iPhone was manufactured in the USA with the unions and minimum wage we would pay close to 1200.00 for the iPhone. My thoughts are though, if there are things that are similar in quality and similar in price, I would much prefer to buy USA. Even if that means a few extra dollars. That’s just me though.

The best bearings for yoyos are made by Terrapin X… Ceramic. We all know, made for yoyos. (IMO and many others [pros etc]) AMAZING. Crucial new bearing. ONLY for yoyos. Great bearing I still use it in my Confection. Just my two cents.

We adapt bearing to the yoyo.
Originally, there’s no bearing that made to fit on yoyos, but there are yoyos that are made to fit bearings into them.

Once we know that those yoyos work better with bearing, we made special edition bearing to fit our need on yoyos.

To stay on topic, the 888X is a great yoyo, but the 07 is better.
The 07 is somewhat more stable, but lighter.

well im about to trade my 888x for a 08 888 b stock so ima try it out n tell you what i think

Please do tell us how you like it.