your FAV 888?

which one is your favorite?

Well, I have had every 888 so far except the '08, but I have played one. To me, the 07’s were too light for my tastes. The 08’s were decent, and the 09’s had a good weight to it. The 888x was also a good weight, but it felt heavy. Once I got used to my 888.11, I have to say, I like it the best so far. Not as heavy as the past two years, but plays great.

Ive only played an 888x, and to be honest, its not really my favorite nor do I have any interest in the others… It just dosnt satisfy my preferences like other yoyos do.

I’m going with the '07, though I have a feeling that the '11 would probably be a strong competitor for that favorite spot. Just haven’t yet had the chance to try it.

The dv888 I have.

2011 Edition. It’s the only one I have. It’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for anyone.

Of the ones I have played I like my 09 the best. It just feels more solid and stable to me than some of the others. Also i beleive it is made of 7075. I would like to try the 2011 model some day.

i agree. my 2009 888 is superb. its purple with a tourquise splash. again…love!

i only own the 0’9 model, but ive thrown the the '11 version and it is superb.

So are the new DV888 splash ones considered '11 or '12? Is there a difference (besides color) between them?

DV888 =/= 888 and are therefore not considered for the purpose of this thread.

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My bad…

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This one, it’s an 07’ Aussie:

Is that Aussie 07 a small bearing? I have a 07 Shadow with a small bearing and I love the way it plays but hate the response. Its like the pads or response recess sits too far away from the bearing to get tight binds. I’ve thought about having it modified to accept larger pads like dif pads or .555.

The Aussies were large bearing highwalls if I remember correctly. I could never get into the highwalled 888s personally. They just didn’t fit my perception of how an 888 “should” play.

I have one of those as well currently. It’s just a tad light for me. I prefer the .11 to it.

Too light, Preinfalk? I’ll take that Aussie off of your hands…hehehe

Feel free, it’s been on my bst

I believe some were. Mine is large bearing but not a high wall.

Oh cool! I didn’t even know they made low-walled Aussies. Good score then, gotta be highly collectible.

The all yoyo 888. The first high wall 888 and its pink!