your FAV 888?

none of them. I don’t really like the 888. DV888 on the other hand!!

what do you think makes the DV888 better than the 888?

I could see how one could like the DV888 better than the 888. The DV888 has a greater rim weight concentration than the 888, and is overall a much more solid player. The flat rims are a turnoff for me, but I know other people love them. Like anything else, it’s just pure preference and I respect that. Just so happened that the 888 boiled out much higher up on the chain than the DV888 for me.

The '07 888. The one that started it all.

888 '11 Love the anodizing! :slight_smile:


I mean I can’t wait for the 2012 888

'07 is pretty awesome, but like others have said, it is lighter than other 888 variants. The '11 and '07 are probably my 2 favorites. The 888x was like a rock on a string, and had a bit of factory vibe.