What are some Yoyo that you think are advertised or is a signature yoyo of a player but it different.

Like yoyofactory Regen Gentry Stein SIG but its better for 5a.

Don’t understand what you’re getting at. Why would you say a Regen is better for 5a than it is for 1a? :-\

I am with Kilbuck, I have no idea what you are talking about.

Classic upgraded is better than Classic stock??

I’m mad… But I ain’t stressed

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loop 1080 made for 2a, but it’s better at sitting on my shelf mocking me at my lack of skill.


That’s what mine did! >:(

For me it really sensitive to string touching in 1a like if you are trying tilt correct it really slows down. but the weight is good for 5a.

Still not making much sense to me because you would still have the exact same problem if you used it for 5a ???

That’s why people upgrade it wink

The Chief is made for 1A but is way better for offstring over concrete in a mall parking lot. Try it :smiley:

Only the 7075 ones :wink:

lol this guy posts the strangest threads…

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My style is less tech in 5a so that’s why there not many string hits as 1a.

Thread hijacked to jokes.

They say string is made to go on the yoyo, but really the yoyo is made to go on the string.

Yep…and it seems to have started with the original post ;D


The Shout’s best use is for 2A.

ah that explains why i was having trouble, I was in the Walmart parking lot.