Tom Kunh Yoyos???

I have some yoyocash saved up and though im not a collector, tom kunh yoyos look like they would be really good for mastering 1a due to the thin width and gap. Does anyone have any experience with these, or should I just buy a chief? Thnx :wink:

what kuhns are u looking at?

Fat Cat, SB2. Theyre both catagorized in 1a throws

Hey justin, your broke. ;D, Buy a chief. I just bought the Avalanche. ;D ;D ;D

get a chief and then get a custom/axl yoyo

Yes they are 1A yoyos, but there are much better performers that can help you just as well.

Ok thnx i think ill just get a Chief. :smiley:

I think he wants it to improve his skills with a throw that has a narrow gap


A spyy ronin has a smaller gap but still big

Then maybe the YYJ DM II with the wide and narrow bearing would be a good choice.

Would there be any narrow width yoyos that are unresponsive, ive never seen one but thought maybe one of you have.  :wink:

Clean the bearing and they will be unresponsive.

Ok well i think i get a Chief when the next run comes out then get a tom kuhn. Thnx everybody! :wink:

The ILYY Trvth is thin with normal unresponsive gap width.

Call me thick headed, but why would you specifically want a thin yoyo? I mean, some are ungodly wide and ridiculous :smiley: , but by looking for a thin one aren’t you just buying yourself a frustration?

Not really, in reality thin yoyos aren’t that much harder to hit then our more standard wide ones. I’ve done string tricks fairly easily on my Bumblebee.

Well I kinda am buying a frustration that could help me a lot hammering down tricks. Its like running with ankle weights then when you take them off running is so much easier. So i think going from a Tom Kunh to a Chief would be like.

get a custom/axl yoyo and take a sticker off and clean the bearing they are $40 and has the thin profile your looking for get the chief first tho

A DM2 to a chief :o.