Tom Kunh Yoyos???

I actually have a positron and evil yo for competitions but was just looking for something to help me smooth out my current tricks. :smiley:

If you want to make it tough get a Mighty Flea. Peactice on a yoyo that’t the size of a gap, these days.

This is not what he is asking.

If you want a good throw for just doing your tricks, a 888 would be a good choice. Superstar If you like the DM2 get a trinity.

Well I actaually think the mighty flea wouldnt be bad for what im looking for. I want something that is (believe it or not ;)) HARD to land so when i pick up my positron i can land the tricks with ease. :wink:

Well, they do not sell them now. They are coming out sometime this year. A TOKEN by C3 is small and super good for sideways and small. Or a Popstar.

Ya i have a pop star. But im not worried about diameter. I actually prefer 55mm+ throws so the tom kuhn yoyos looked perfect. :wink:

Get one then! :wink:

Well i was just making sure they would help. And from what everybody says it looks like they will. But i think ill get a Chief first. :wink:

Spencer berry is making a yoyo called the walter. It is a slimline unresponsive yoyo. Its what comes to mind when you say that.
How ever I can see the flea as well, but the flea is a beast of its own and May not be the cross trainer you are looking for.
Maybe the spyy flying V.
Duncan makes a yoyo call the pro z with out the spacers it is a very slim line and fairly tight gapped yoyo. Mine is unresponsive so I know its possible to make so. But it is also a starburst rather then pad or silicone respponse.