Titanium throws are made to be high-end performance monsters; usually. But all they’re really good for is making sparks on concrete.


Actually I think the thing that fascinates me the most are 2A yoyos.

I find It puzzling that 2A yoyos designed to be used as 2A yoyos are actually best suited for 2A yoyoing.

I wish somebody would make up some Titanium looping yoyos because I have a concrete ceiling in my house and I would like to be able to get sparks off the ceiling while I’m doing Punching bags. That way I could save money on lighting when I walk around the house at night.

I have a good friend that throws 2A. He is Deaf and Dumb and uses hand language to talk. Sadly, he is also bi-polar.

When he gets upset while practicing, he lets his hands use sign language to argue with each other.

Also I got a 4A Yoyo with the intention of throwing 4A. But I noticed it actually is better suited for Duck hunting. Where I live the fat ducks always fly low and slow.

I actually designed a 2A Yoyo using a kitchen sponge. Something to use in the pool. But I ended up finding out it was more functional in a bucket of soapy water to wash the rims on my Truck.


Like YoYoJam Classic it advertised as a beginner throw but its unresponsive out of the box at least mine was.

That’s why they call him “Mysterious Yoyoer Parvar Singh”. If he posted less intriguing topics, he wouldn’t be anywhere near so mysterious… :wink:

Oh yea

Ah good meaning of my name but actually it doesn’t mean that.

Well don’t hold out on us we’re dying to know :-[

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