YoYos you don't play with but still have

I haven’t thrown a metal yoyo in forever even though I have a case full of them. I tend to throw my plastics daily though. I was just wondering if anyone else does this?

On a side note I have mostly been playing adegle asteroids, protostar, the V, kicksides, and of course my pinnacle.

post it if you can relate or have yoyos you just don’t play with anymore

sort of the same… I use my Freehand Zero’s more than a majority of my metals.

I got a case filling up with $100+ yoyo’s… but I play my $13 T5 more than anything. Don’t get me wrong though, they all get play.

I usually use the newest throw I bought. I recently got a clash and that is all I am using. I have like 15 other metals which I am not using. Mostly CLYW or OD.

However, there are days when I use all of my yoyos. I try to figure out which one I don’t like or use as mich and off to the BST it goes.

My superwide, pocket change, and speed dial don’t see much play time. Same with my 3A pair of PSGs.

my butterfly.

Oddly enough, my gnarwal (that I love) just gets way less play compared to my other Yoyos.

Eric wolf silk, Old modded fhz, pyro lite,

Although I’ve extolled its virtues many many times, I can’t remember the last time I REALLY played my Chaser. Like for a proper session.

The Lyn Fury was getting like that until someone mentioned that it makes a decent 5A practice throw, so it’s getting some love now.

Dingo, vibey protostar. My artic circle and dietz get the most play.

Lyn Fury,haven’t played with it since June 2012,and that was my first “modern” throw I owned

My supernova, dark magic 2, cheap plastics, and my loopers.

I have 2 Yomega raiders that don’t work anymore and have scruffs and scratches. They are among the first few yo-yos I ever owned and I got them about 12 years ago.

My Mini Imperial.

Gnarwhal, D-Sky Walker, Campfire

  1. I need to get rid of it. I hate that it’s taking up space in my case.

My Dark Magic 2.

It broke.

My stackless GM, my YYJ inspire, and my shaquler star the last 2 in desperately need to buy new bearings!

BLT proto, it was a fun novelty but is way too light

I am not kidding … since I took these pics :

I have not touched them at all.  Should I put them on the b/s/t?    ;D

My DM2 because it is so beat up it hurts my hands when I return it. Same with my One.