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Do any of you ever feel sad for your yoyos you don’t play with.

I try to rotate my “lineup” every couple of days, but I don’t really feel remorse for my less used throws because there’s a reason I don’t use them as often as others.

Yeah now that you mention it I do feel pretty sad about the throws I rarely use, i feel like theyre not being fully appreciated sometimes so i try to rotate them around and throw them some more.

absolutely not.

When I’m practicing I will have 3 throws sat out. 1 or 2 usually remain the same but I am constantly switching the third. And while practicing if I get a knot, getting frustrated, take a break; I will switch yoyos. Pretty much any reason that takes focus away from the practice at hand I will come back with a differnt throw. That way they all get thrown in to rotation.

i have affairs where i play with only certain yoyos so all my yoyos go through this instinctive rotation.

Hey any yoyo that belongs to me is darn lucky! Even if it sits on the bench. It’s a team thing! ;D

All yoyos are appreciated, although some are called upon more than others, each has it’s own place and plays it’s own role. A good bench line-up is priceless.

YES! All of my yoyos are improtant!!! :wink:


yes,my cypher ! sold it so the people that will own it will be happier than me with it.

I’m going to answer my own question. No. I’m the kind of yoyoer that likes to have like only 3 yoyos at a time, I don’t really like buying and owning many yoyos.

Lol, so direct.


More like my yoyos are glad to not be used by me! Otherwise they must last through hundreds of failed tricks and knots in a row!

Better go get my mini Imperial…

I do feel guilty that I don’t play certain yoyos very much, yes.

when people have too many yoyos

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I definitely have too many. By the time I figure out which ones I’m comfortable “letting go”, though, people want to trade (I’m not down any yoyos! Sometimes They give me 2:1 or 3:1!! I’ve turned away yoyos before!) instead of buy.

It’s really hard to downsize if you want to recover any value. It’d be easy to downsize if I just decided to give a peck of’em away. :wink:

No, I usually have about 10 throws give or take a few. There’s 2 I hardly use, and I have my reasons.

I use my uber nice ones less because I want to keep them in their pristine condition.
But then they don’t get enough love and enough play etc.
So I feel plenty of guilt sometimes

No, not really. I got a new Diffusion that I took out the package, admire it, and then return it to the package. It’s never been played since I got it and I don’t plan to play it in the near future, for some unknown psychological reason. I don’t even plan to sell it, although many of my friends asking me if I would sell it to them.
Also had some brand new Yomega Fireballs and Spectrums still in the original shipping box and even in original order.