Yoyo's used by world champions


Does anyone have a list of which yoyo’s were used by 1A world’s winners for the past few years?

I’m curious about which ones are the most popular and does top players stick to their yoyo’s as the years are passing…

(Jei Cheetah) #2

1998: RBII
1999: Tigershark
2000: Unsure
2001: Spin Faktor
2002: unsure
2003: Hitman
2004: Speeder
2005: Speeder
2006: Speeder
2007: 888
2008: Superstar
2009: Sleipnir
2010: Northstar
2011: Positron


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Suzuki is such a bawss.


Three more questions ;D

Which ones Sebastian Brock and Gentry Stein used this year? And what are those two machine guns Shinji Saito uses?


I’m pretty sure Gentry used his Super G…

Sebastian…possibly an Avalanche.

Jayyo will probably clear this up for us.


I have got to see that 1999 performance. A Tigershark? I gotta find mine. I hope it’s still in the attic somewhere.

EDIT: I’m aware 1999 was an entirely different scene than it is today.


2000 was also a Tigershark
2001 to be more specific was a Mega Spin Faktor
2002 was a Freehand 1

1998 there was no 1A division. RBII was used by Jennifer Baybrook to win what is now 2A.

For this year, Gentry was using a Super-G and Sebastian was using a Gleipnir.


What year did they switch to unresponsive?


I think around 04-05.


2001 actually.


Also, 1995 was a Duncan ProYo


Is posting something 7 months after the thread was made considered necro?


I think two weeks after a thread has been inactive is bringback a dead thread…way past that limit, hehe. Not bad info though.


From looking at some old videos (1998, 1999) it seems performances had a lot more acting and the performers used the stage more.

(Big Mike) #15

Semi-responsive yoyos were pretty common up until 2003 or 2004, actually. If you look at Brent Dellinger’s 2002 Nationals win, he’s using a tug-responsive yoyo. Yuuki’s Freehand at Worlds that year was responsive, too. They do bind on most tricks, but clearing throws are just a tug.

Also, in 2005, Buko got 2nd in 3A at worlds on responsive Freehands. That’s the last time I remember anything major being done in contest with responsive yoyos.

(I’m a nerd for this stuff.)


In 2007, Yuki Tanami won 3A using one responsive yoyo and one unresponsive yoyo.


So did Hiroki Miyamoto in 2008


Its a necroed thread but whatever. Sebastian used a Gleipnir


Shinji Saito (I hope I spelled it right) uses Loop 900’s.


Shinji used Raiders for 2011 Worlds.