Worlds yo-yos? -merged-

Does anyone Have a collection or list of all of all of the yo-yos used to win Worlds competitions?

That would be quite a list, especially if you mean for every division.

Last year:
1A: Gentry - Shutter
2A: Takuma - Loop 1080? I’m not sure
3A: Hajime - Phaser
4A: Rei - Rextreme 4 or something like that?
5A: Takeshi - I think it was a Palpitation

Heres what I know for 1a

2003 JD, YYJ Hitman
2004-2006 Hiriyuki Suzuki, YYJ Speeder?
2007 Yuuki Spencer, 2007 aqua 888
2008 John Ando, Superstar prototype?
2009 Shinya Kido, Sleipner Prototype?
2010 Jensen Kimmitt, Orange Northstar
2011 Marcus Koh, Positron
2012 Hiroyuki Suzuki, Anglam
2013 Janos Karancz, Barracuda
2014 Gentry Stein, Shutter

Edit: Marcus Koh used a positron in 2011

I thought Takeshi uses a positron for 5a

Pretty sure it was either the Palp or Isotope.

This isn’t a complete list, but here is a spreadsheet with several of the yoyos used by top 3 finishers from 2003-2013.

Yuuki won 1A in 2002 with a Duncan Freehand.

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Marcus used a positron in 2011.


I’m pretty sure Yuuki used a Freehand to win in 2001.

I know there are lists of all the players that have won at worlds but is there a list that shows what yoyo’s were used? If you can shed some light or provide some links please do! :slight_smile:

1A list
gentry stein 2014- shutter
janos karancz 2013- barracuda
Hiroyuki Suzuki 2012- Anglam
Marcus Koh 2011- Positron
Jensen Kimmitt 2010- northstar
Shinya Kido 2009- sleipnir
John Ando 2008- superstar
Yuuki Spencer 2007- 888
Hiroyuki Suzuki 2006 -speeder
Hiroyuki Suzuki 2005 -speeder
Hiroyuki Suzuki 2004 -speeder
Johnnie DelValle 2003- hitman
Yuuki Spencer 2002-Bionic Freehand 1
Tomonari Ishiguro 2001- (spinfaktor or black nova)?
didn’t really feel like going past that or covering the other devisions


paul kerbel might be on that list soon :wink: :wink:

It’s crazy how far we’ve come.

it also shows that the yoyo isn’t what actually wins the Worlds. I’ve played a Shutter and, trust me, I was in no danger of winning anything. However, it is nice that for ~$50 anyone can buy the same throw that was used to win worlds.

Not to mention Kimmit and his North Star!!!

Anyone have the information for styles outside of 1A?

Good info in here.,84332.0.html

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