YoyoOfficer Yoyos?

Which is the best yoyo officer under 50$. Which is the best performing and value for money. I do have a Shutter. Want a yoyo that is stable and is bit fast to yoyo. Don’t want something to big. Am looking in to Yoyo Officer Lava.

haven’t tried the lava I’ve tried the musket and the hatchet. the musket being in your price point I would fully recommend it. The musket is a fantastic yoyo. Very personal preference here but I prefer the musket over a CLYW bonfire. both are of similar shape and weight and I love other CLYW’s but I definitely prefer my musket over my bonfire.

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Try the Musket!

i vote musket as well,but the fit is a very fun throw

With these three opinions it looks like Musket is good. Right?

For something under $50, I recommend IMP or Lava.

Why I mean what are there pros as I m looking into Lava.

Do u like oversized, undersized, narrow, wide? You’re bound to find at least one that fits your personal preferences in their line, do u want something similar in size to Shutter?

Actually haven’t had many 1a throws so dont really have a preference. Then if you think Shutter is mid size then yes something simillar to Shutter but more rim weight and more of a V shape and doesn’t runs out of speed in spin.


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Any more suggestions?

Kilter is my personal choice in the YYO lineup, followed by the Musket.

I’ve seen a few Lavas with stripped threads - not sure if that’s just coincidence though.

i say musket because its stable yet slightly floaty,not too wide,forgiving diameter and weight,friction rings for nice fingergrinds,great finish,decent gap size,it can go fast if you push it there. all around worth the 45$$ by far sir. its not a dissapointment, now my fav YYO is a Brave though, and the eager,but they are not under 50$,just go with the musket sir.

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r u into oversize yoyo? if yes, then jaeger is your choice
if not, musket is more than enough
if you have a bit more money, take orbis, then best yoyo they have made, long spin, but quiet wide


I love my musket

Mine as well
Planning to take orbis. But im in doubt about the width

LOVE my new orbis. Width is fine.

Phaser. XD But i try not to deal with yoyofficer that much. they’re pr is HORRIBLE.

Gotta go with Orbis. Although I’ve only tried that and the Lava.

What do you mean by that?