Going plastic! Introducing X.Point - Yoyofficer official news!


At Yoyofficer, we always tried to offer you yo-yos of the highest quality for much more friendly prices. We started it with Aura, Brave and Crayon, pushed it to new levels with Kilter and changed rules with Rave and Shift. Now let’s see what we can achieve with our first polycarbonate plastic yo-yo, X.Point!


X.Point was designed to be wonderful day to day choice for any yo-yo player. Slightly oversized design in combination with string centering bearing assure top class performance, while lower weight gives it light floaty feel, providing really fun and enjoyable play.

But we also want X.Point to become one of main choices for beginning players! Shipping with two axles and two bearings, X.Point can be easily modified to offer fully responsive play, best for learning your first tricks.

Available soon at Yoyoexpert for 13.9 USD!




Few years ago we released Gravity, 4A delrin model, praised by many 4A players and used at contests of the highest level. Now it’s time to go back to 4A with brand new Welkin!

Welkin is also machined from delrin and uses same axle system as Gravity. At 75 mm diameter it’s slightly smaller than Gravity, but wider at 61,4 mm. Weight was beefed up to 77g.

Shape is brand new with completely different weight distribution. We still went with really open V-Shape for maximal catch zone, but this time more curved and with significantly smaller walls at gap.

Welkin comes with two thin shims, so you can set up your Welkin into three different settings for different response.

Diameter: 75 mm
Width: 61,4 mm
Weight: 77 g
Material: Delrin





Introducing Yoyofficer Vector


As yo-yo manufacturer, it’s always fun to fool around with different cool shapes and see what one can do with them. Vector takes on this curved V-Shape, being slightly inspired by Orbis, but making design more robust. This shape makes yo-yo quite universal, offering wide catch zone for easy landing of tricks, good comfort in hand and nice surface for grinds. It differs from our other designs and no fan of Yoyofficer should miss it.

While specifications are almost identical to Urban, these yo-yos play nothing alike. Vector, with weight focused more in middle, plays significantly lighter and faster, than more relaxed and slowly flowing Urban.

Vector is our second model to feature our new improved surface and colors. Available in 6 designs with splash and acid wash, we are pushing our yo-yos to be more and more beautiful. And new surface, so smooth and nicely matte, is almost perfect.

Weight 66.3 g
Diameter 54.9 mm
Width 46 mm
Gap Width: 4.6 mm
Surface: New higher quality blasting
Bearing: String centering bearing ( Wing shaped )
MSRP: 59.9 USD


Introducing Yoyofficer Urban


Our recent models focused on lighter feeling and agile play and we loved them for that. But sometimes it’s good to pick up something tougher, someting packing lot of punch and power. And for that, we bring you the new Yoyofficer Urban.

Don’t be fooled by its 66.1 g weight, Urban plays heavier and more stable than this number would suggest. The shape combines quite organic curves with open catch zone and above average width. Add balanced distribution of weight to this and you get a very versatile yo-yo. Relaxed play at bus stop, patient crafting of new tricks, or winning contests, Urban will fit in all of these roles.

Urban also represents small revolution in look of our yo-yos. Apart from 8 stunning splash finishes, it will utilize our brand new beadblasting. We worked long and hard to get beadblasting to this level and we believe we can offer you one of best surfaces on the market. It is really smooth, slightly more matte, and it feels simply amazing.

Weight: 66.1 g
Diameter: 55 mm
Width: 46 mm
Gap Width: 4.6 mm
Surface: New higher quality blasting
Bearing: Strin centering bearing ( Wing shaped )
MSRP: 49.9 USD



The Shift is the best choice if you’re looking for incredible performance at an affordable price. If you’re looking for your first bi-metal yo-yo, this is a top notch option. The ‪#‎Rave‬ was regarded as one of our best models, however we wanted a model suited for a fast and more technical style. Thus, we built a smaller yo-yo with a wide V-shaped catch zone that’s phenomenal. The Shift brings that subtle but powerful bi-metal feel and definitely will not disappoint.

Weight: 64 g
Diameter: 54 mm
Width: 45 mm

Release date: February 28
Price: $74.99

Tusk model has a totally new design that is not based on any of our previous models. The Tusk brings you unique performance: rim weight distribution that keeps the yo-yo stable at all times and a smooth surface that allows tricky grinds. The new model features two colorway types: acid wash and acid wash with splash.

Aside from its stunning aesthetics, the Tusk will knock you out with its agile performance and great speed.

Weight: 66 g
Diameter: 55.5 mm
Width: 45.2 mm

Release date: February 28
Price: $39.9/$44.9

What can we tell you about the Yoyofficer RAVE? We designed it from scratch, and we used the Bi-metal design to its maximum potential. We got feedback on prototypes from our team, from many top players at WYYC, and from many other people from all around the world to make the final product as good as possible.

It’s the best yo-yo we ever made, rocking on stage and still super fun to just play day after day.

Being a Bi-metal design with so much weight on rims, it has a unique feel. On throw, it might feel heavier and more solid to you than it should for 65 grams, but after a short play, you will get to love that feeling. It can accelerate like nothing else, while you still keep great control over every movement. Not to mention its superb long and stable spin.

For 99 USD it’s not the cheapest yo-yo, but we think its price-to-performance value is just amazing.

Stainless steel rings and 6061 aluminium body.
Available in 3 acid wash finishes and solid silver, all with beadblasted surface.

Diameter 55 mm
Width 44 mm
Weight 65 g

Worldwide release on 25th September

Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook in next few days for all info about our new Bi-metal model!

Introducing Yoyofficer Quash

With our mid-range models Imp and Lava, we wanted to offer mid-sized and light yo-yos, that would be a great fit for many competitive players. Our latest model Quash is designed with the same idea, but offers even higher level of play.

This time, we opted for simple V-shape and larger 45 mm width to provide really generous catch zone. The weight was reduced to 63.7 g to ensure even faster and more agile play. It resulted into light and really fun to play yo-yo, that still can rule on stage.

Diameter: 54.1 mm
Width: 45 mm
Weight: 63.7 g

Comes in 6 different acid washes, all with beadblasted finish and equipped with our grooved 10-ball bearing.


Yoyofficer Kilter represents a lot of things - first metal yo-yo for many beginners, cheap pocket throw for everyday use, great starting point for 5A and 3A, excellent competition model for players on tight budget and our best selling model. We are proud to bring you new generation of this budget all rounder.

For Kilter 2 we started with shape of the first Kilter, but made two important modifications. We gave Kilter 2 bulkier rims and new step next to the gap and thanks to these changes, Kilter 2 is now closer to H-Shape than original model.
We also shaved off 0,4g of its weight, making it faster, more agile and more pleasant to play, while keeping it stable and long spinning as first Kilter.

Available worldwide(and of course on Yoyoexpert) on 2nd April in 6 solid colors for 29,9 USD. And as always, comes with beadblasted surface and our 10-ball grooved bearing.

Hatchet 2 is our new top competition model, full-size with really powerful spin and universal for wide range of styles of play.

We loved the original Hatchet and for second generation we kept it mostly the same. It comes with same open H-shape and proportions, 56 mm diameter and 44,7 mm width. However, we were able to reduce its center weight, shifting weight distribution significantly more toward rims. This will allow the Hatchet 2 to achieve an even higher level of play

Hatchet 2 weighs in at 66 g and is slightly lighter than original, yet it feels more solid, is easier to control and offers even more stability and longer spin time.

Available worldwide on 2nd April in 5 color combinations for 59,9 USD.

For this Christmas, we prepared special limited re-run of one of our most popular models - IMP!

It’s same design, but comes with new engraving, our premium grooved bearing and lower price $36.90.

And we also has new run of Lava coming to stores this week!

Yoyofficer Pause is the brainchild of the predecessor YoYofficer Crayon. Based on its shape, Pause is a undersized yoyo which is fairly light to play on the spec sheet. However, do not let the spec sheets fool you. It packs a punch!

Undersized yoyos are made to squeeze through those tight triangles and complex tricks you created. Pause is that perfect yoyo to do just that job. The shape is rounded but still maintaining the low wall for those stable spins during play and wide catch zone for safe landing of tricks.

But Pause is not just good competitive yo-yo, it’s mainly really fun pocket throw! It can transfer from fast high-scoring tricks into slow and relaxed play in the blink of eye. And its lower weight ensure nonfatigue play for long time. Pause will quickly grow on you and you will carry it everywhere.

And since it retails just for 25.90 USD, everybody can afford one!

Diameter: 52mm
Width: 41mm
Weight: 64 grams
Gap width: 4.2 mm
Bearing: Flat C size
Surface: Glossy

Release 25.10.2014

Introducing the Yoyofficer ORBIS.

Design of the Orbis is based on feedback from our team and mainly on many long talks with players from all around the world, that we met at the World Yoyo Contest. When we combined this great feedback with our designs, we created one of the best yo-yos we have ever made.

The specifications meets today‘s standards for competition throws, with almost full-size diameter and more width. We really focused on weight distribution, to achieve lower weight for better feel and faster play, while keeping good stability and spin time

We also revisited our first model Aura. We took its hub designed for horizontal finger grinds and tweaked it, to make this style of tricks even easier. This is also reason why there is no logo on hub area.

As always, Orbis comes in range of acid wash finishes with beadblasted surface. And it will be shipped with our new premium bearing.


Diameter 55,5 mm
Width 45 mm
Weight 64 g
Gap width 4,3 mm

During april Yoyofficer celebrates its second anniversary, so it’s appropriate to release second new model - Musket!

With Musket, we wanted to create similar yo-yo to Hatchet - full-sized, powerful, suitable for range of styles and great for contests. But while Hatchet utilizes modern sharp shape with multiple steps, Musket is complete opposite. It combines rounded rims with V-shape, offering great comfort, yet opens enough to provide large catch zone needed for contests.

Musket is also first Yoyofficer yo-yo with grooved catch zone to provide even better grinding possibilities.

Diameter: 55 mm
Width: 44 mm
Weight 66,6 g

If you are looking for great competitive throw, but modern sharp shapes are not your cup of tea and you want something more comfortable, Musket is excellent choice. And you can get it just for 44,9 USD!

Available in 6 acid wash finishes, with blasted surface.

Introducing Yoyofficer Lava

Imp was one of our most popular designs and great choice for faster and technical competitive play. But we thought it could play even better, so we created Lava!

We kept similar specification, it’s still lighter (65,6 g), midsized (54mm) and not extremely wide (43 mm) yo-yo. Shape is also pretty close, but step next to gap is now more prominent, giving Lava more H-shape look.
Biggest change comes with weight distribution. With new cup design based on Jaeger, Lava don’t just play better than Imp, it also offers completely different feel than its predecessor.

We changed and improved many things from Imp on Lava, but we kept price, just 39,9 USD.

Lava will be available in 6 acid wash finishes, with blasted surface.

Wow, Yoyofficer Facebook reached 1k likes today! Thank you for your support!

But many people around the World haven’t known about our yo-yos yet and we want to change it with little contest.
We want to hear your opinion on our yo-yos, so it will be review contest!

You have time until end of march to post review of any Yoyofficer model. It can be written review on forum, blog or video on Youtube, long or short, anything you want. Just send us link in message on Facebook(or PM here on forum to me).
We will choose some best done reviews, for winners we have prepared our newest models, L and M. Also we will be giving some prizes to random entries.

You can write your review in any language to take part in random choice part of contest, but only reviews in English will be able to win main prize.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Are you beginner looking for your first metal yo-yo? Searching for some yo-yo gift for Christmas? Cheap pair for 3A? Or just want some budget pocket throw?

Our new Kilter is ideal for you and cost just 29,9$!!

Cheap price is often compensated by small diameter and width, but not with Yoyofficer, Kilter is mid-size (54 mm) and wide(44 mm) throw.

With middle weight 66,4 grams and simple, but powerful shape, Kilter is really universal yo-yo, great both for beginners and advanced players and even for competitive play.

As all other Yoyofficer models, Kilter comes with string centering bearing.

Price - 29,9 USD

Diameter 54 mm
Width 44 mm
Weight 66,4 g

Get ready for something BIG!

Jaeger is first oversize yo-yo from Yoyofficer, with 60 mm diameter and 45,8 mm width it’s real beast. Thanks to this size, it’s really easy to control and you will always catch the string. Modern shape with multiple steps offers great stability and spin time, but is still comfortable in hand.
We can really recommend Jaeger to all 5A players, you will find it’s excellent choice.

Shipping to stores next week!

Price - 50 USD

Diameter 60 mm
Width 45,8 mm
Weight 67 g

Yoyofficer IMP is here!

IMP was designed for fast and technical competitive play. It’s mid-sized yo-yo, with modern step-straight shape and quite low weight, but still offering great stability and long sleep.

Available in four acid wash colours and again with beadblasted surface.

And you can get one just for 39,9 USD!!

Diameter: 53 mm
Width: 43,5 mm
Weight: 65,2 g

For our next release, we took our most popular model, Brave, and made few changes to take it to whole new level. But we kept price at 59,9$ !

Shape is now more linear and with more robust rims. We also made it lighter and completly changed weight distribution.

Hatchet will come in four acidwash/splash combinations and with beadblasted surface!

Diameter 56 mm
Width 44,7 mm
Weight 66,2 g

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