YoYoJam Poll: The results are in!!!

The results are in! The people of the YoyoeXpert forum have voted!
The most popular metal rimmed Yoyojam yoyo is…

Dark Magic!

Here’s the actual results from most votes to least.

1st: Dark Magic. 21 votes.
2nd: Can’t choose. 8 votes.
3rd: Hitman. 6 votes.
4th: New Breed. 5 votes
4th: X-ConVict. 5 votes.
5th: Black Knight. 3 votes.
5th: Atmosphere. 3 votes.
5th: SpinFaktor HG. 3 votes.
6th: K-os. 2 votes.
7th: X-Con. 1 vote.
7th: Siruis. 1 vote.
7th: Speeder. 1 vote.
7th: Super SpinFaktor. 1 vote.
7th: Night Moves. 1 vote.

Thanks for vote’n yall!

can I have a pic of a sirus ??? ???

Here ya go!


I know it looks like a all metal, but the inner hub is actually plastic. There’s a lot of debate about whether of not this is a metal rimmed yoyo.

can I get a link please??? ???

Link to what? If your thinking about buying one, stop thinking. It’s sadly discontinued. :’( :’( :’(

WHAT :o :o :o

I know, they really should bring them back. Lol, never seen so smilys in one post.

I picked couldn’t choose, But K-O’s are beast!

I don’t love any of them, but the K-os is my favorite.

What happened to the meteor and the axiom?

And Spinfaktor HG.

They’re not there because they’re both all metal yoyos. This poll is for the metal rimmed yoyos.

The HG yoyo also aren’t here because they’re HG, not aluminun rimmed.

Do you guys think I should start another poll for HG, plastic, and all metal YoYoJams?

IMO, HGs should count as Metal Rimmed.

Actually I hear that Yoyojam is seriously discussing on if they should bring the sirius back.

I really do want them to do it.

The Sirius looks amazing.

I have one of the originals. It vibes badly and needs more rim weight and a wider gap. If they fixed all of this and added celcon plastic instead of the polycarb. It would be amazing.

Hmmm… Okay, I’ll add them to the voting options.

HG added!

Spinfaktor HG :smiley:

Anybody else here think that they should make more of them, even if they cost quite a bit?

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