who likes Spinfactor HG?

It is a awsome yoyo but YYJ are not making them any more. :frowning: But if you have one do you like it?

keep spinning


I enjoy them.

The SpinFaktor HG is one of my favorite YYJ yoyos. The HG material provides great rim weight and it was a very affordable high performance yoyo. I have both the SpinFaktor HG and the original Copperhead, and I would never sell/trade them. I am not sure why YYJ stopped making the HG yoyos, but if you can come across one of them, you won’t be disappointed. The other HG yoyos in the series were the Copperhead, Triple Jam, Relic, Matador, Black Gold, K-OS, and K-OS Extreme. All of these models are awesome players.

Yes, I agree. HG yoyos are awesome. They stopped making them because the HG material they used became too expensive. And im guessing you wouldnt want to pay 70 bucks for a K-os or something.

my friend has one mint condition i fell in love with it, i loved the feel of it

Its quite the player!

Great great great great great yo-yo’s

I wish that they were still a buy option
Sometimes you can pick up a K-Os in the BST’s for about 20 buck, i highly recommend it.