Anyone miss the yoyojam HG yoyos?

Today I was looking through my yo-yo collection and noticed that my yoyojam Kos is the only one with a very different material on it compared with the other yo-yos I have. I am sad yoyojam doesn’t produce these kinds of yo-yos anymore since they felt smooth to me on a grind and played satisfactorly. Anyone else have fond memories of their HG yo-yos?

I agree. I’m missing the old HG as well. Loved my spinfaktor HG. Used to be my favorite plastic yoyo.

i want one but hg was expensive to make

I have always wanted to find a K-Os never lucked out, I almost found one once but the guy ignored me after the first time we spoke. Oh well, I’ll have to deal with not knowing how well they played, for now… :stuck_out_tongue:

the hg line of yo yos from yyj is sorely missed.

still have my sfhg - just gave away my kos. both really great players - love those hg rims.

i think the last hg release from yyj was the - copperhead? should’ve jumped on that when it came out, as i love heavier yo yos.



i might buy a used 1 ;D

I missed them when the KOS was discontinued but after a while I realized that there were much better yoyos for me and I moved on. I still miss them a little though

i never have one, but my friend have a k-os.
i really want one soo bad after i try the k-os, it’s got a really unique feel on the throw.
yes there are better yoyos in term of play, but non of them has that unique feel that HG has…
i hope YYJ would make more of them.

I had a Spinfaktor HG and a KOS. Never cared much for either. They didn’t seem to add much in the line of rim weight, which I understand was the purpose. Traded them off.