YYJ HG yoyos

A while back, YoYoJam released a series of HG (heavy gravity) yoyos that were designed for players on a budget looking for a heavier rimmed yoyo, without having to spend so much on a metal rimmed (DM, Hitman, X-Con, Black Knight etc). The result were some of the best YYJ’s I have ever played. For those of you unfamiliar, YYJ used a material called HG, a dense plastic, that made for an extremely smooth and long spinning yoyo. The HG line was discontinued by YYJ last year, and I believe the K-OS Extreme was the last of the HG yoyos. They have since become increasingly difficult to come across. I wanted to open up a thread for discussing these wonderful yoyos. The HG line consisted of (please feel free to edit) the SpinFaktor HG, Copperhead, Triple Jam, Black Gold, Relic, Matador, K-OS, K-OS Extreme. I learned almost everything I know on a yoyo (1A) on a Triple Jam that I played for a long time. I ended up making the tragic mistake of cleaning the bearing and not drying it, resulting in a cracked half, that I later sold on eBay. I really loved the Triple Jam, and recently had the luck of obtaining the SpinFaktor HG and the Copperhead, two of the most solid yoyos now in my collection. I was wondering if any of you have an HG yoyo or remember them? One thing I love about these yoyos is that they are SILENT when spinning. The throw feels nothing like a normal plastic or metal rimmed yoyo and they were a truly unique addition to the YYJ line. Any thoughts?

never heard of them lol. Can you show some pictures or something and tell us the weight?

I know a little about these. one, they were retired because whoever made the HG material jacked the price way up so that is why they stopped all the HG yos. Also the Relic is a HG yo-yo looper.
they were retired after I got into using YoYoJam and I want one. that is basically all I know.

I am surprised more people haven’t responded to this post! It seems like most people on this forum recently got into yoyoing which makes sense why most of you haven’t heard of them. rsmod123, you can check out pics of these on yoyonation.com to see what I am talking about. These yoyos were very popular when they were being produced and many players, like myself, were sad to see them discontinued. HG rimmed was much more affordable than metal rimmed, but as yoyoman stated, the price increased and they stopped making them. HG is very dense, and yoyos made with the material had really good rim weight, quite comparable to metal rimmed yoyos. I wish more people had some things to say about these amazing yoyos, but I guess most of you got into yoyoing after YYJ’s HG series. It’s funny to see what yoyos are popular these days compared to just a couple years ago. HSpin Pyros used to be as crazy popular as YoYoFactory 888s for example, and most people had at least one YYJ HG yoyo in their collection. I guess times/trends change frequently. Thanks for your thoughts!

I loved the HG series, mainly the Relic, Black Gold, and Triple Jam!

Hey Mitchell! Glad somebody else is familiar with this awesome yoyo material! Do you own those yoyos still? I never got the chance to play with the Black Gold, but i know its weight is almost identical to the Copperhead, which I now own and love. The Triple Jam (signature yoyo of Hiroyuki Suzuki, Ben Conde, and John Narum) was an awesome player and my main yoyo for a long time. This yoyo was popular not only for 1A, but also for 5A and I think even 3A. I’d have to say I like the Copperhead more, just because it has more HG material and weighs more. I got my friend a Relic (Jennifer Baybrook’s signature looper) for Christmas back when they were still being produced, so I get to mess around with that every once in a while when he is around. I just can’t get over how smooth, quiet, and solid these yoyos truly are.

Yep! There is actually a store where you can still buy Relics! I agree with you that the HGs were great. The Copperhead Heavyweight was probably one of my favorites, but I never got a chance to buy one. The HGs really are amazingly quiet beyond belief! The Triple Jam was a pretty good one too, but not my favorite. The HG material made play extremely smooth too! Definitely yo-yos that will be remembered. I LOVE how they made three Copperheads: light, regular, and heavy! Great idea, YoYoJam!

Glad to hear you still own some of these! Don’t ever get rid of them, and if you do, find me! Do you know how much heavier the Copperhead Heavyweight was than the standard Copperhead? The standard Copperhead weighs in at around 78 grams, which is super heavy for a plastic yoyo. I think the extra weight on these yoyos is what makes them so amazingly smooth on string tricks and grinds. Also, do you know what the caps for the Copperhead Light looked like? I just love the snakes on the caps for these models! So awesome. Do you play with yours much anymore? Thanks a lot for chatting with me on this topic!

Haha - don’t worry, they are keepers. I do believe that the light is 52, the regular is 79 grams, and the heavy is 90. Even the regular is extremely heavy. What I do to my Dark Magic to make it heavier and smoother is add the synergy caps and fit rubber o-rings around the side-spinning “hubs.” Since they fit perfectly, there is no wobble. I love it for Eli Hops! The light is the only one that I have not seen. I just looked around and can’t find it anywhere. However, Andre might be able to get a picture. I’m guessing he probably has it. I do agree - the artwork on the caps are great! I play around with mine from time to time, but they tend to get a little wobbly. Thanks for bringing up this great topic! This is a great discussion!

90 grams?!? That is serious weight! I bet that thing spins for days! 52 grams would be way too light for my play preference, but it seems like it might be the rarest of the three. I hope Andre sees this thread and provides us with some pics of it! I haven’t tried synergy caps yet but I will eventually purchase some to try out. Do they play just like hubstacks? I have seen pictures of them and I guess I am just confused as to how they work. I noticed that the Triple Jam I had did eventually get a bit wobbly and the gap also was pretty loose before I decided to sell it. Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

That’s what I thought when I first picked it up! It spins for around 10 minutes with a 10 ball bearing. I do agree, 52 grams is really light. The synergy caps are great. They have a different feel then hubstacks. They are removable and fit many yo-yos. Plus, it’s easy to get to the bearings on them and you can even land the string on them for complex tricks! They are great for off-string as well. I always found the Triple Jams a little wobbly too, but that could just be me. Continue to bring up great discussions like this! This is the best discussion I have had in a LONG time!

Wow, I wish I could have been so lucky to play with a Heavyweight. The heavier the yoyo, the better, in my opinion. Do you remember people complaining about the color scheme of the Triple Jam? I agree that it was not the most attractive, but I think color shouldn’t matter on a yoyo and that playability is the most important!

It is definitely a great yo-yo with long spin times. Yes, I do remember the complainers. I agree that color really shouldn’t matter to a yo-yo. It still plays great! Two other yo-yos that this topic has reminded me of are the Duncan Freehand MG, the magnesium yo-yo, and the YoYoJam Titan, the gold yo-yo with jewels crested into the caps. Only 10 Titans were made. Do you know much about these two yo-yos?

I definitely remember the Duncan Freehand MG, but I could never afford one (I think they were in the 450 dollar range). It looked like an awesome yoyo, but they are long sold out now. I remember the packaging for it was really cool looking too! Never heard of the YYJ Titan! Gold jewels? That would be epic! I assume since only 10 were made that they are insanely rare and valuable now. I will do some research into those tomorrow! Thanks for informing me about that particular model!

The Freehand MG was kind of pricey, but it IS magnesium. YEs, it had really cool packaging too! On the Titans, it was titanium with 22 karet gold weight rings and jewels on the cap. [http://yoyowiki.org/wiki/YoYoJam_Titan] Maybe Andre could tell us more about the Titan. If only there was a picture… With there only being 10, I doubt there will be a picture though.