What IS HG material?


well, i know what it “is”, but what is it made out of?

that thread about the kos got me thinking about that.

I know that its a mesh of different materials…

given the fact that it costs too much to make now a days, im guessing one of the main materials used in it was copper, because of the sudden and recent raise in price of copper.

so besides that, what else is in it?


I’m not sure what’s in it.

I couldn’t find much on Google, but I’ll keep trying.

Here is what YoYoWiki says though:

Heavy GravityHeavy Gravity is a plastic used by YoYoJam. It allows for rim weighting, but at a cheaper price than metal rim weighting. The Heavy Gravity material is much denser than the regular celcon plastic.


some HD plastics we use at work , besides delrin, have aluminum particles in it , other yeah copper or even iron fillings .

anybody have one put a magnet to it .



It sticks! :smiley:


Here is a list of YoYoJam HG yoyos:

Black Gold
Copperhead Heavyweight
K-OS Extreme
SpinFaktor HG
Triple Jam

HG means heavy gravity. Usually on the rims to keep it spinning. It was a alternative of metal
weight rings. Back then, they didn’t use metal rings much, so they used HG. Now, HG is out of production, and YoYoJam uses metal.

I think YoYoJam should make a K-OS and a K-OS Extreme, but instead of HG, use metal or plastic.


There was also the Relic.


I heard that the HG material was carbon fiber.


Yes! Thank you GM User. Edited.


i heard they are making a metal kos


Sweet. Keep your eyes peeled!

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I am pretty sure that it is just dense plastic. The magnet trick wont work if it’s aluminum or copper, but I still doubt it has any metal in it. :frowning:

Carbon-fiber is lighter than delrin, so I doubt that.


Nope, the magnets stick.

I’ll make a video for proof! ;D

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Then it has at least some iron. Copper and aluminum aren’t magnetic. They do conduct a magnetic field, but try using a magnet on copper wire or a soda can. It wont work.


Yeah, I think it does have some iron, but fels A LOT like plastic.

Video coming in a few minutes.

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I emailed YYJ.


haha, im not asking about what hq is used for or what yoyos use it.

carbon fiber is actually EXTREMELY light. so i doubt they would use it to weight rims.


Sorry, lol.

But I can tell you there is Iron, Cobalt or Nickel in it.


I will have to try out that magnet thing with my k-os extreme. I do know that when I smell my k-os extreme, I can definitely tell that there is some kind of copper or iron or something like that in there.


Nickel and bronze.


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The Super SpinFaKtor isn’t in the HG line though. Carbon fiber is way too light. It says everywhere that it is really dense plastic, but as it is magnetic, there should be some form of metal in there.