spinfactor out of production?

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Is the Spinfactor going out of production? I got one at the WLYYM. I have just noticed that there are no any on YYE and they are all out on YYN.And what is the Super Spinfactor? It looks realy cool and it also looks like it has metal rims.

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It actually does not have metal rims. It is in fact, discontinued.

It is made out of an Heavy Gravity material. YoYoJam had made several yoyos with this material, but they had to discontinue the HG yoyos, because production costs for the HG yoyos were too high.


Is spinfactor hg rick wyatt’s record breaking yoyo or something?

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I think the SpinfaKtor is discontinued. But you can get the Super SpinfaKtor. And just to point out, the rims of the Super SpinfaKtor is bronze/nickel. So basically, the SpinFaKtor HG had HG rims and is now discontinued while the Super SpinFaKtor is still availiable and has brass/nickel rims.

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The Original SpinFaktor has been long discontinued.  It was one of YoYoJam’s first yoyos.  It was basically a dual starburst, metal-rimmed, medium-sized yoyo.  I’m not sure which one you’re talking about, but there have been many versions of the SpinFaktor: The SpinFaktor 2, The Super SpinFaktor, The Mega SpinFaktor (The one rsmod was thinking of), and the SpinFaktor HG (The one Samad was thinking of.)

If you want more info on each, go here:

You may have to scroll down a bit.


Knowing that bit of knowledge has put my mind at peace. Thanks  ;D