YoYoJam SpinFaktor X (SFX) Review | YoYoSkills.com

(Chris Allen) #1

Ten years ago when Madonna was reinventing herself as some sort of pop/tech/country/diva and the world was breathing a sigh of relief that Y2K didn’t happen, Dale Bell and his daughter Val were busy creating their first yo-yo. Unlike anything on the market, the SpinFaktor had a plastic body with aluminium weight rings attached to the rim. The yoyos were available through the YoYoJam website and could be ordered with custom engraving. Over the years, the SpinFaktor has gone through many tweaks and revisions capturing the NYYL Sleep Time record and especially in the HG line, holding Fan Favorite status. This year, YoYoJam wanted to push the envelope again with the SpinFaktor line and released a new design that made many an eye open. With a new engineering design only seen in modding circles, the SpinFaktor X (SFX) was released at 2010 Worlds and took everyone by surprise.

Link to the YoYoSkills.com SFX review (LINK TO THE EXTREME)

(laxdude99) #2

Great review

How does the sfx compare to the phenomizm

(R.C. Sproul) #3

I get a little throwback on mine, but I don’t know why.