YOYOJAM Worlds 2010


YoYoJam is BACK in the GAME

This year at Worlds the YoYoJam line of yo-yos is getting a make over and all players will be impressed with the level of quality and new ideas coming to the table.

We present to you the new YoYoJam lineup for 2010 - just the beginning of a new level of quality and play!

SR-71 - Nathan Crissey Signature Series
Nathan Crissey is one of the most respected judges in the World and has been a huge contributor to YoYoJam for years. His new signature series is completely new for the YoYoJam metal rimmed line being a full size yo-yo with a lot of metal rim - incredibly stable and smooth with the new Solid Spin" axle system. Be sure to try and buy this one out at the YYJ booth. Picture to give you an idea of how neat this will be - official pictures coming soon!

Hitman PRO
When the Hitman was first released in 2003 it changed EVERYTHING. Grinds and unresponsive play became main stream and ask anyone who was around that time - the Hitman was the yo-yo everyone had at least one of. Ready to bring it to the next level Johnnie DelValle did a redesign taking everything you love about the original Hitman and adding in the new Solid Spin" axle system and tweaks and shape and weight! ALSO very exciting YoYoJam has over 500 Monster Hitman Energy Shooter drinks to keep you buzzing the entire contest. Come to the booth to try and get a free energy drink and chance to win Hitman Pro everyday.

SpinFaktor X and new Rim Weight Technology
2010 marks the 10th anniversary of the revolutionary SpinFaKtor design - the first yo-yo to fuse plastic and aluminum for concentrated rim weight. The SpinFaktor X takes a new angle on it fusing aluminum right on the body of the yo-yo for a completely unique feel and look. Using the new Solid Spin" axle system we guarantee you will be impressed.

Hiroyuki Suzuki is the true freestyle champion. Having won three World Titles in 1A division his performances stand out and are the ones people talk about for years. Having some of the most popular signatures series yo-yos in the YoYoJam line his new faster more precise style of play required a different type of premium yo-yo. Enter the PHENOM and PHENOMizm. Hiroyuki has already posted pictures on his blog that are copied here. Both will be available for sale in very limited quantity. Be sure to watch Hiroyuki show just what it can do on stage as he goes for his fourth World Title!

EQUINOX - John Narum Signature Series
John Narum is a World Champion offstring player so it was time he had a signature series offstring worthy. Equinox uses the new rim weight technology fusing on the body of the yo-yo for extremely long spin for offstring yo-yos! Be sure to try this out!

The long awaited Signature Series for Takeshi Matsuura – the Ai. This is the yo-yo Takeshi used to win both of his 2010 Japan National Champion titles in 3A and the highly competitive 5A. It has been over a year in the making – the result will not disappoint even the most critical player. Raw and anodized versions will be available. Official release August 12th!

Of course YoYoJam will also have the regular stuff and some other neat special editions:
Fiesta (Lots of colors)
Dark Magic II - Clear and Anodized
SPLASH Trinity
And more…

If you are at Worlds be sure to stop by the YoYoJam booth.
Check out our new twitter account we will update: www.Twitter.com/YoYoJam
And Official Facebook page here: http://Facebook.YoYoJam.com

See you at Worlds!

I want that Equinox!!!

WOW! I really want that SFX.

Nice! I think I’m interested in yoyojam again. I want to tackle-hug you guys right now for making a new Hitman, that was and still is one of my favorite yoyos. The new offstring looks killer too!

Phenom Looks beast.

Hitman PRO!!! Whattttt!!! ???

Nice job guys. I really want to get one but I have no idea which one to pic ???

All of them look fantastic! :slight_smile:



OMG!!! :o :o :o

I’m uber excited.

now i really want the PHENOMizm, and the equinox, and the SFX, and the…
aaaargh, i want all of them…
great job there YYJ, you really make everyone amazed.
i mean, there almost no news or teaser from some of the yoyos, but now everyone is excited.

BTW, remember that thread about naming yoyos.
nathan post in that thread, he say he would name a yoyo an SR-71. he’s not joking at all.

I want an Ai, SFX, and the hitman pro, I was starting to doubt YYJ and thinkining they were kinda out of the picture, I thought it was all YYF and SPYY etc, etc, YYJ will be back and better than before!!

they all look great, but I think the SFX will crack like crazy lol

I want ALL of them!!! :o :o :o

When will these be available online for people who aren’t gonna be at Worlds?(like me :()

Now THIS is something to smile about! All nice looking yoyo’s.

Patrick pretty much summed it up, I’m really interested in yoyojam now. The equinox looks really nice, and so does everything else. ;D

At first I used only YoYoJam, thinking they were “the best”. Then I saw the light with YYF, and thought “hey, these are much better!”.

YYJ may have just stolen the spotlight once again.

Am I like the only person who wants the Ai?? Arggggggg!!!

The ai looks neat.

Im very excited… I want to try the new metal weighted plastics, they look awsome with just like that metal band around them…

Phenomizn looks sweet and the SFK too bad im not goin to worlds D: