new yoyojams

i have noticed that there are alot more yoyojams coming out. They are also seeming to change. The sfx was one that seemed to start this weird design where it has the metal rings more toward the center or something. Now a few other new releases have this. Also the revolution started the solid spin axle. I have no idea what it does, how it plays, or what it does. Do you know anything about these two new changes to yoyojams? If you do, please answer or comment. :wink:

the center part in a sfx keeps it stable and the revolution just plays great.

Solid Spin Axle System brings the aluminum and the polycarbonate together as if it was one solid piece, making for a much more solid playing yoyo and helps keep vibration to an absolute minimun.

The center placed weight rings help the player to play much faster with their yoyo than rings placed on the very edge. Spin time may not be as long as a yoyo with extreme rim weight though, but any good yoyo player should be able to make it sleep long enough for them.

Complete list of new YoYoJam yoyos with these new technologies.

Solid Spin:
Dark Magic 2
Atmosphere(now made with Solid Spin axle)
And many others coming soon.

Middle placed weight rings:
And possibly more to come.


Don´t forget the Hitman Pro

speaking of hitman pro… are they going to be delivered to If not, where can i get one? I really want to know.

I believe yoyoguy has them if you desire them now. But YYE should be getting them soon

what’s an SR-71??

Nathan Crissey’s signature series yoyo.

Do you know of any yoyojams that are going to be released soon?

They will be announced. We don’t have inside information. Any information released is usually spread quicker than a forest fire… so I wouldn’t worry about being uninformed.

I was going to start saving up for a yoyojam, but now there’s rec rev yoyos on this site. Now i have to make a new topic in help/ recommendation

When is the sr71 gonna be out or is it done with it’s run??

It’s out.

Production run comes out Thursday.

The SR-71 is supposed to be out today

hitman pro in action

It’s slipped out to 10/19. There will be a special edition all black run at Nationals this weekend.

I really want that all black one. Californias to far from South Dakota…