sfx vs hitman pro vs sr 71

i want a new yoyo and i want one of these three which do u guys like the most i like small yoyos and fast but i hear there all fast and i want one that i can peform with

This is like the hardest thread to answer. They are EXTREMELY similar. Except for the SFX.
The SR-71 and HP are both metal rimmed yoyos where there is a large amount of metal more than plastic, different than just the metal rimmed. SFX is great, as in these few days, I’ve heard many good things about it.

I feel that the HP is just too wide, as the feel too, so I prefer SR-71.

IDK about SR-71 to SFX though.

the hitman

lot of metal rim, small but wide

sr 71 lot of metal rim, tall, more angular

sfx weight rings in the center, full sized, differant feel cuz of the weight rings

okay byput i feel like trying a new experiance with the metal rings in the center but if i can get a better yoyo for my money ill go for it

well if u want a more expesnive yoyo with weight rings like that than get a phenomizm

SFX, no need for PHENOMizm.

i have a spae kk bearing if i put that in the sfx will it be like the phenomizm

Dude, someone said that already. No it will not be cause the Phenomizm is much floatier and such.

I like the Hitman pro. it is wide undersized, and yhe feel is nice.

thanks is it true its like the dv888 cuz if it is i have that and the sr 71 looks like a more aluminum dark magic which i have

No, the feel is different. Tlhe Hitman Pro has a wide round edges shape. The Dv888 has a comfortable V shape and has wide flat rims.

thanks still cinfused

Yeah, the yoyo’s you have are extremely hard to compare.

thanks im going to go with the sfx because i want to try a new expierance thanks ill get the other yoyos another time