about to buy - phenomizm vs DMII vs SR-71

Hi, so I heard the penomizm is great, the DMII is great too, but not much about the SR71

right now, I’m ready to buy (willing, actually) but I can’t make up my mind.

I’m a new player, currently working on advanced 1 tricks from YYE tutorials, I was buying some strings and wondered about a new yoyo on the medium price size.

So far I got a Velocity, Fast 201, Yuuksta, on the way I got a starlite and a Ronin, I really do lack a “high end” plastic or hybrid in my collection and I definitely lack a YYJ yoyo

so which one if it had to be only one ?


I would get a sfx because it kinda cheap similar to the phenomizm and really stable

the problem with the SFX is that it’s not very good looking and I really want good looking yoyos because I also take photos.

anyways, thanks for the reply, but I had to take a decision and it ended up being the 3yo3 cosmo in clear.

looks pretty unique and original and the reviews said it played decent. The price was kind of abit more than what I felt like paying (I agree that the phenomizm is of similar price), but it felt right.

now playing the waiting game with a ronin, a starlite and this one on the way.