3a Pair


So I am going to go shopping in Tokyo at spingear on Friday or Saturday. When I go there, I plan to spend at most 14,000 yen total(140$), so about 7,000yen (70$) or so on each yoyo. I was thinking of getting a pair of Phenomizms, But I know that there might be other choices better than the Phenomizm.

So what pair of yoyos should I get?

I Prefer yoyos that are on the heavier side on the scale (67 grams and up), Extremely stable, oversized, and have lots of rim weight.

I am also considering the SR-71 and the New Breed


for 3a i think there are more stable things out there than the new breed… if youre just starting 3a, then it might be wise to use plastic, and that dosnt come any better than the protostar, and if you take that route, after the pair, you still have 7000ish yen to work with… if youre stuck on having metal, then i think G funks would be good… a pair of them is in your price range and the have maximum spin and stability, with a minimal amount of wall to interfere with the string, which will prove an advantage when deviding your attention among 2 yoyos… its also one gram under your weight preference which i hope dosnt make too much difference, but its also a midsize yoyo at 50mm/ 1.97 inches

hope this helps


I really liked izms for 3A. I think you would too.


I could see the SR-71’s being great - that was my first really nice throw, back before i threw 3a, but looking back can say it would be great, The YYJ Cerberus is a really nice large diameter 3a throw, My best pair so far, and I will forever swear by them, are my CLYW Avalanche’s.