Yoyofactory 6061 aluminium rockstar 2012 with 2 7075 metal rings!

I see. ok, I think that i’m the only person that think it’s cool, right? I think if anyone want such a yoyo then yyf would make such a yoyo. I don’ see any hope for a rockstar with metal rings -.- . Nobody wants it. :frowning:

You know Buzz-On has been making plastic yoyos with metal rings for years, right?

So the North/Protostar aren’t the first ones :]

I didn’ say that! I mean the berserker came later after northstar!

Yeahh, I think my english gets better everyday if i’m write and talk on english forums :)!

Well if there’s only one metal yoyo with metal rings on the market that’s been mentioned, my guess is they’re not too popular and hard to make. It would be easier to just add the weight instead of taking the time to make extra rings and put them into the yoyo. It works with plastics with metal rings because they’re totally different material.

Don’t worry :]. We’re not here to fight against you.
I think the current setup with the Rockstar is already good enough that there’s not much to change anymore. Be it horizontal or whatnot :smiley:

But you know, it’d be cool :]

Same with aluminum and titanium. I believe that there are a few yoyos on the market with this configuration.

OP: Could you please try to post everything you need to say in one post instead of triple posting. :slight_smile:

It’s not the same! A metal yoyo with harder and heavier aluminium rings then the yoyo plays differently then the same yoyo with same body and weight! Do you think c3 put the metal rings for nothing?

Thanks, kuyachtistian :)! It’s good to know that!

Yeah, that makes more sense. Two different materials instead of two different types of aluminum. I think a new yoyo from the sOMETHING brand is making an aluminum yoyo with titanium rings.

Somethings new yoyo is so expensive!!! 230€!!! I Think i buy it if i have the money!

If you make whole yo-yo from7075 instaed than from 6061, you add just 2-3 grams. So imagine what will be effect on tiny ring, it would weight same being from 6061 or 7075.

Why C3 make berserker with this? There is no reason for this, just they can put price up.

With Anglam it is different, since Titanium has much bigger density than aluminium.

the ring on the berserker is apparently “a black high density metal weight ring”
which gives the berserker " focused rim weight, impeccable balance, and strength."

what it says on the YYE page