Monometal 4A

So Ive have this concept floating around in my head for a while… Would it be viable to create a monometal yoyo that’s suited for offstring play? Of course, it would easily ding and scruff when it hits the floor, but what if we put rubber rungs around it? Tell me your opinions about this.

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If you put rubber rings on it, is that still a mono metal? Then what about metals with plastic wings?

Well, I guess not. But walking away from the naming problem, I guess it’s made from a single metal?

technically, even if it has rubber, it is still a monometal. the rubber isn’t “metal”, so there is still only one metal, making it a mono(single)- metal.


Isnt this henrys yoyo?

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Or you could make a hybrid offstring which would be super powerful and probably viable. Still the ringing problem though.

It would have to be pretty thin metal for it to be big and light enough for 4a, then you would have the problem of it deforming when it hits the floor. I guess there are good reasons why 4a yoyos are made from plastic.
Cool idea nonetheless, I’d love to be proved wrong.


Pretty sure sOMETHING or another Asian company made one but it was like $1000

Also probably not a great idea anyway. I don’t know much about 4a but I’m pretty sure weight is supposed to be more evenly distributed for 4a throws to make regens easy so the benefits of metal wouldn’t really apply for 4a throws. Not to mention all the other potential issues either. Weight rings like with the JetSet EX is probably all you really need if that.

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Japan Technology created a metal 4a yoyo that was quite expensive, and I don’t think it really took off for obvious reasons. Very large and heavy and obviously not super durable.
Fun fact though, US Nationals 2004 was won using a metal rim dark magic for 4a. :slight_smile:


technically, it’d be a hybrid like other metal plastic hybrids, which are not considered monometals :wink:

By your definition the IX is a monometal since the only metal it has is Aluminum rings :stuck_out_tongue:


really?!?!?!? thats kinda small for 4A. except it was 2004

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There’s these fire diabolos.

Not sure how it handles a drop though.

Edit: it linked to a store front so I removed it👍

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