Tri metal

yes, i know sengoku released a new trimetal called hideyoshi. i had this idea a while back, even posted it once before the hideyoshi was released.

the hideyoshi has steel rings on the outside and brass rings on the inside.maybe because steel is harder, therefore harder to nick or scratch. what if we had something better?

a titanium body. with outer steel rings. brass inner rings. and more inner rings, like the phenom kind of brass rings, not bigger inner rings.

i realize that this might cause concern about price and vibe. but screw that, i wanna see one of these

basically all the weight is on the rim. the titanium is just to glue the brass and steel together.and to make a somewhere to place the bearing and response pads.

well? waddya think?

I think someone should just make a yoyo that only has rims so we can put a ridiculous amount of rim weight on it. Just use a like 50 mm long axle and have it attach to one rim on each side.

why a 50 mm axle? that has nothing to do with sleep times…

Just to move the rims really far away from eachother so they act more like rims rather than a yoyo body. Why not?

? what are you talking about? it has to be tall not wide. unless im seriously mistaken about physics… TALL= more spin, wide= easier tricks…

This. I have no clue why he wants a wide yoyo for longspin. Look at that monster yoyo C3 made a while ago. All rim weight, very thin, and with a large diameter.

It’s about maintaining a harmony between height and width. A tri-metal would be very interesting, but what benefits would it bring? I feel like bi-metal having the simple ratio of light metal to heavy metal is fine.

brass is denser than steel. steel is harder than brass. you get a rim weighted yoyo thats hard to scuff.
ps. why are you here if you dont yoyo?

If the two rims are super close together, it’s going to play much different than if they’re super far apart. I’m just making fun of how lots of yoyos nowadays try to push the weight out as far from the center as possible.

um ok. hahahah? but wrong idea for this topic.

I’m super confused right now XD. The OP was just talking about pushing a lot of the weight onto the rims. Sorry if my sense of humor didn’t really come out as… humorous :P.

bryansuh is the op haha.

“i dont yoyo anymore” is just a joke, mainly there to stir up some juicy controversy.

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lol. but still. the rims have to go up not left and right for longer sleep times. the distance doesnt matter. the height does. you could have a yoyo a mile wide and a mm thick and it would spin for about as long as a normal yoyo. but H profiles like the buddah king spin long cuz they are tall