Tri-metal yoyo? 😮

Not sure if having more types of metal is beneficial in a practical sense. But cool idea I guess. Something different from Sengoku.

The Shogun.

AL 7068 + Stainless Steel + Cobalt-Chrome.

Is there an actual benefit or need for going tri-metal?
Not buying one, just curious.


I fell like this has to be just for the aesthetics.

Maybe if you were trying to design a super durable EDC throw but didn’t want to go full titanium, maybe there’s a case for tri-metal? 7068 body, Ti outer rings for ding resistance, and depleted uranium brass inner rings for weight.


I think we would need to ask Julio at Sengoku. I have a Hideyoshi (his other tri-metal), it is powerful and quick. It feels like it changes direction a split second before I decide to (pardon the bad attempt at humor, I’m not implying the yoyo is unpredictable, just that it will play as fast as anyone would like).

My guess is the different metals and placements allow the aluminum to push the limits of wall thickness and light weight while possibly providing support. Also, due to density differences, it could provide weight distribution that you just can’t get with mono or bi metal.

I haven’t played a bad Sengoku. The ECRIP (prototype of ECRIM) is strange, but, not bad.




AFAIK Sengoku and AHAY have done trimetal yoyos in the past. The AHAY ones looks cool too.


Adding weight rings will usually make a yoyo less durable. It increases the complexity and cost, and striking it on a surface can cause one or both of the rings to shift.

That said, you can design a durable bimetal/trimetal if you choose to - this usually means having a longer axle, thicker walls, larger ring/body interface, etc.

There’s definitely something very cool looking about this design.


I hear ya. I was mostly trying to invent some reason for making the tri-metal attempt!


It’s definitely fun to think about how to do new and cool types of designs. I hope neohamster shows up to tell us the story of this one!


Sengoku Hideyoshi

AHAY Index


The use of different materials is done to achieve a particular aesthetic or a particular weight distribution, which results in a particular and often unique feel. Tri-metal is only practical if you want a specific feel you can’t achieve through any other means, so it really depends on the yoyo.


thank you for sharing, I hadn’t known of the AHAY Index before. (and, that Hideyoshi looks just like mine :))

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Julio from Sengoku isn’t overly interested in aesthetics.


Huh; well it’s a darn fine looking yoyo nonetheless! I looked at his website and I have to agree; some of those throws are wild looking :smile:

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Glen said>

‘Julio from Sengoku isn’t overly interested in aesthetics.’

…That has got to be in a tie for 1st place in any contest of Most Ridiculous Statements.

But at least it shows exactly how much of nothing you know about Julio; lol

Breathing waaay too much wood dust Glen


From every conversation I’ve ever had with Julio, it’s clear that performance is his no. 1 priority.

I didn’t say he was not interested in aesthetics whatsoever, I said he isn’t overly interested in it.

Breathing way too much cat fur there @yoyodoc.


Hey buddy. I´m glad to answer that.
First of all, rings made of denser material allow to distribute the weight in a way is not possible by making the Aluminum thicker in some areas. so the idea is to allocate weight in the less space possible. But i don´t want to get into a discussion about how rings work. I guess that has been discussed a lot already since the introduction of bi-metals.
I don´t think that would be much dispute if I say 4 rings are better than 2. There will be more benefit to have more rings unless you don´t know what you are doing.

The original idea of a Tri-metal was Al+SS+Brass. Brass is considerably denser than Steel, so in the case of the first Tri-Metal I made it was necessary because Brass is not as hard as steel and will deform easily if used in an upper ring because its exposed and dings would wreck havoc. So the upper ring was Steel and the inner ring was Brass.
After 5 years I observed that while Hideyoshi still in great shape, some yoyos have a slight vibe and I believe is due to the brass, so I discarded for the new project.
Cobalt-Chrome is quite similar to steel in density and doesn´t deform.

So, for practical purposes, there were no noticeable difference if i used SS on all rings.
Then why use CC instead of all SS rings? for several reasons:
-Al+SS no matter how many rings would be a Bi-metal, and I believe this type of yoyos (with more than 2 rings) are something significantly different from the typical 2 ring bi-metals. The difference between 2 and 4 rings is as much as the difference between 2 and no rings. The feeling is different. Bi-metals tend to have a hard kick, you feel the drag, because the ring is allocated on the edge in most cases, which is the idea, to give it a powerful spin. While an extra ring towards the center will stabilize the yoyo without having to make the walls thicker.
-I think calling it a Bi-metal would mislead to think is the same as a 2 rings yoyo.
So to make a distinction, I decided to use different materials on the rings. It is not aesthetic, since the color is the same, CC rings are are PVD treated to make a visual distinction.
-It doesn´t increase the cost more than a couple bucks.
-Plus wouldn´t you agree that its more cool to have CC+SS rather than SS+SS? :wink:

Any other questions, let me know, I´m glad to answer.


By the way, YYE will have them next week. And it will have a YYE exclusive purple color!


Performance is the main goal in most cases, but it also has to look cool. both are part of a good design. Thats the challenge, to make something that works and looks good.
There are other cases where Aesthetics played the center role and i had to adapt performance to it like in the case of Hattori and ERCIM.
But I understand what you tried to say.


This is awesome insight; thanks for the explanation.


Thank you @NeoHamster for directly addressing my curiosity. Your explanations were super insightful and exactly what I was curious to know.
I think the Shogun looks amazing personally, especially in that YYE purple!
Loving your work sir.