Tri-Material yoyo


lol Me and Domin were randomly chatting, and he thought of a strange idea. What about yyj making a yoyo with a polycarbonate middle, and Celcon rims?

And then, they can add weight rings on the celcon rims? It may sound wierd, but would yyj consider trying it?

(Mark) #2

Whoa! Thats like a ultimate Spin Dynamics yoyo! Extremely heavy though.


it could be like a night moves 4. plastic on the inside (polycarbonate), metal in the middle( could be made the celcon), then metal weight rings!

(JonasK) #4

Yup, the Night Moves 4 is tri-material. Plastic, aluminum and brass. In order from inside and out.


Don’t forget the Triple Jam. It has Polycarbonate (I guess) hub, HG middle and rubber rims.

(ed) #6

ugliest. yoyo. ever.



Wow, i didn’t know they existed. Thanks ;D Yes, im thanking