3yo3 Ceephax

Hey, so this Ceephax yoyo looks awesome but haven’t been able to find out any reviews on it. Have any of you guys tried it? Is it smooth? And what box do 3yo3 yoyos come in?

I think it comes ina clear Box with a 3yo3 Sticker on it, I’ll ask Landon though. And It is an Amazing throw, I prefer Acrylics over metal any day. It’s a good yo-yo and everyone should get one.

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Yeah I’ve heard really good things about it. Is it just me, or does the shape remind me of a wider Protostar?

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Thanks. I would LOVE to get a half dyed green and half dyed purple one. And yeah it does look like a wide protostar.

It does resemble a protostar but Plays way better and Landon would Make you a custom dyed one.

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Sweet. When and if I am ready to buy it should I email about the custom colors? Cause his site does not have an option for dyed under the ceephax section.

i am absolutley in love with the camo yoyo by 3yo3

Yeah, they do look pretty cool.

Hey, can anybody tell me the specs for the Ceephax. On YoYoSkills it says the diameter is 53.34 but the 3yo3 site says it is 50.80. And what is the Gap size?