Yoyojam Yoyos! Talk about it here!

:)New Topic! Any questions about Yoyojam yo-yo’s, new releases, or past models. Talk about it here!! :slight_smile:

Not to be sounding “sceptic” or anything, but are you an employee or something associated with YoYoJam? Do you operate in some sort of official manner for YYJ?

Here’s why: I have an idea for a product, and I’d like to present it to YoYoJam. However, I am going to submit it directly to YoYoJam. While not a major thing, it’s a matter of protecting intellectual property.

I’m not really sure why we would need to post our ideas here when we could, as Chris said, send them straight to YoYoJam.

So other people can see everyones ideas, im really interested what you guy can come up with. I’ve had some interesting ideas on my other forum post. one of them was a yoyo with an rpm spedometer.

No one said anything on that one except that they won’t accept ideas.

If anyone doesn’t feel safe submitting their ideas that’s fine I’m not going to try and make you post here, or kick you off. Take it straight to the company and i hope they consider your ideas!

The RPM speedometer has already been made…back in the yoyo boom. Hyper Yo-Yo, look it up.
And what else does YoYoJam need? They have Dale Bell as the mastermind for all the throws he makes and he has done lots of great innovations.

Metal rims on plastic yoyos. 'Nuff said

Plus, if you have something nice to contribute…why can’t you just claim exclusive property to your innovations, file patents, and make your own yoyos? Why another manufacturer? What? You expect them to give you royalty fees if you ever come up with something nice that YYJ [or YYF, on your other thread] might end up using in the future?

That’s not good business.

It was just an idea, I didn’t say they were going to except them. If there’s even a slight chance I’ll take it. If there’s nothing to lose then there’s no point in not trying.

I say we should design a yo-yo that doesn’t have any weight or shape or form and it can allow the manufacturer to customize it how they want!

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Lets design a yoyo that’s a singularity. A yoyo with infinite mass! It would spin forever!

I don’t think this is where people should submit ideas. If you want ideas make like everyone else and use your noodle. There is like 6 of these threads begging for ideas. If these large companies want ideas they have people they pay for that. Thanks but no thanks. Oh and here’s a freebie “how about cylinder shaped”.

I’m not saying anybody has to submit anything. We can just talk about awesome ideas that the users have!

The way you phrase your responses seems odd.

EVIL is upon us! He’s going to steal our ideas and take the profit for himself! ;D

Could you answer Studio’s question? Are you affiliated with YYJ? If not, I think we can contact them ourselves…

Like Coffelt said, if you want ideas, come up with them yourself. Don’t make others do it for you. Plus, you have another thread that asks the same basic question. This one is pointless.

I want a Spinmaster2 pro