A List for YoYoJam...

  1. Chill on the new throws for just a minute. (Although they are all great!)

  2. Rework old and popular throws (i.e. the Hitman, Dark Magic, X-Convict, etc.) with Celcon plastic (softer material, less prone to cracking) and more tarnish resistant metal rims.

  3. Ditch the o-rings and hybrid response. Groove 'em up for YYJ silicone pads.

  4. Adjust price per unit as necessary.

  5. ? ? ?

  6. Profit!

I agree, with one adjustment:

YYJ is actually producing new stuff, instead of re-vamping old designs. I would love to see a dual silicone celcon Dark Magic, but not at the expense of not having great new yo-yos like the atmosphere.

how would using celcon instead of whatever they use now (polycarbonate?) affect the weight?

Yeah, it would probably work out bad.

Also, the silicone thing wouldn’t be very beginner friendly, as many new players go for the metal-rimmed yoyos. It would be a rough start for sure.

So what you’re saying is that YYJ is incapable of making adjustments in the manufacturing process to account for a material weight difference?

Unless beginners are YYJ’s intended primary demographic, I fail to see how this would be an issue. How many YYF throws come responsive out of the box? How many throws does YYF sell to players of all skill levels?

No reason at all not to keep a series of entry level throws (which YYJ already has in spades) and evolve the advanced throws into the next generation.

Not to mention that a dual silicone response Dark Magic can still be set up very responsive.

I agree with Doc, I don’t think that YYJ’s metal rimmed line-up is aimed at new players.

Was a Dark Magic my first “real” yo-yo? Yes, but I knew what I was getting into. I didn’t realize how amazing throws like the Lyn Fury and Kickside could be, and I wanted something that could handle everything.

I think the reason that Andre recommends it is because it’s so versatile. It plays great at full responsive, kinda responsive, and dead unresponsive. That’s an argument for a different thread.

Maybe they could just have different versions of them all.

But then… they would be recycling ideas!

But that’s for another thread :wink:

It’s a little different to produce a dual silicone response Dark Magic, and call it a dual silicone response Dark Magic instead of producing something very very similar to a GM2 and call it a Genesis.

I would like to see different responses for each yoyo. Like a double O-ring DM, a hybrid DM, maybe a silicone DM? (Which would just have silicone instead of an O-ring.) DM is used as an example of course. I mean for like all yoyos.