Improved new breed

I was hoping yoyojam would design a new version of new breed as pictured below. This design is almost the same as the original new breed, but the center of the yoyo is made of a lighter plastic, polycarbonate, ensuring that the yoyo’s weight would be very rim-concentrated. (note: the picture is only for the design, not to scale)

The closest thing to that would be a Dark Magic, but YoYoJam might want to consider it.

whats the point? the new breed is already uberly awesome.

The point is to make it extremely rim weighted.

thats a good idea. too bad i dont like the nb. it is too big in size for me. i like small yoyos!

It looks like it would be harder to make, and more expensive.

Also, it is important that the hub on the new breed be made of celcon for durability reasons. The whole point of the new breed is that is combines the awesome durability and play of celcon with yyj’s patented metal rims. As you may know, the other metal rimmed polycarb yoyos experience cracking around the center hub. Furthermore, I believe that the metal rings will provide more than enough rim weight.