Yoyofactory 6061 aluminium rockstar 2012 with 2 7075 metal rings!

A Rockstar with aluminium rings would be awesome :D! What do you all think? It’s like a northstar but even better!

Hmm, it’s a nice concept
But the body itself would need a slight weight reduction fist it the weight would be in the 70g mark.

I mean unless you like a very hefty/heavy throw ofc.

aluminum rings in an aluminum yoyo? Why not just add the weight to resemble that and leave out all that unnecessary work?

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that’s why 6061 aluminium to reduce weight :slight_smile:

So what do you think the h5 and yeah3 is icthus? It’s only a smaller h5 with different weight distrubtion!

a 66-68 g would be perfect but with a little body change. It should be rounded in the middle like a supernova for better horizontal play. What do you think should be change :)!

Isn’t that the concept for C3’s Berserker?

no because the northstar and protostar have metal rings.

The Berserker has metal rings too…

if it have metal rings than it would play like the a real northstar and protostar. Without the metal rings the rockstar didn’t have the same feel. I think it’s only a upgrade and they should call it rockstar 2013!!!

That’s what I was thinking…

Yeah, you want YYF to make their own version of the Berserker, based on a Rockstar-like basis

I don’t think so

No, because the northstar and protostar have metal rings. I want that it have the same feeling in play like a northstar.

What’s the point of having a yo-yo that plays exactly like another one? Different yo-yos are meant to play differently.

And your concept is basically the concept of the Berserker.

It’s not like a berserker. The northstar and protostar was first on the market with metal rings. The berserker came later on the market. So the concept is like a origanal northstar.

neither the Proto nor the Northstar were bi-metal :wink:

The Berserker is a yo-yo made out of 6061 aluminum with 7075 aluminum weight rings. That’s your concept, is it not?

but have a better feeling, because it’s metal