A Metal Similar to a Northstar?

Hey everyone. I love playing with a Northstar. I love how unresponsive it is and I like how it fits in my hand. Is there any Yoyofactory all metal that is very similar to the play and feel of the Northstar? Thanks for the advice.





maybe dv888? well northstar is just a slanted h-shape so any slanted h-shape would feel like it.

Thanks guys for the advice. Now I gotta justify spending $64 to $104 on a yoyo. The ROCKstar does look pretty awesome.

Note that the feel and play of a given yoyo may not translate when it is made of a different material than the original. Different materials may require different structural properties and manufacturing processes which can alter the weight distribution etc.

It is hard or can’t be correct of the same feel and play ONLY if you have both yoyo’s.

Thanks Guys. I understand what you are saying as far as yoyos made of different material not being the same as others. I really like the way how unresponsive the Northstar is and how wide the gap is. I was just thinking of actually buying an all Metal yoyo and I wanted to try and get something that is similar to the Northstar as far as how unresponsive it can be and with the really wide gap.

I appreciate all of the replys

If you go to the shop section on yye and look up the specs on the north star you can view the diameter, width, gap width and weight of the northstar and compare it to some metals. That way you can at least get the same size and shape even if the material isn’t the same. You can also view the response systems and compare them as well.

The Rockstar has the exact shape of the NorthStar, but in metal form. SO if that’s what you’re asking for, that would be the answer.

similar feel and play, you need to have both yoyo’s to compare

rockstar because of the exact same specs