YoYoExpert Suicide Contest!

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #1
                              [b]YoYoExpert Suicide Contest is now available![/b]

First off, this will be a Suicide compitition. Too be in the contest you have to know how to do variations of Suicide or just normal Suicide.

I will be judging, and YoYoExpert will be judging also! I will be looking for smoothness, string visibility, what kind of variations of suicides, and how many you do.

You can do as many suicides as you want.


I have a prize that is from DrYoYo that is very kind to donate to us eXpert’s. It will be a suprise, but to do that I need 15 people to join my contest!

If you want to be in it comment down below. I won’t have advanced and begginer like Samad did. I will be doing two at a time. Andre, if you want to be apart of my compition, you welcome to be in it!

The tops is 2 days! I’m going on vacation in next Friday. You shall put your video on any video site and message me with the link. When i get both videos, i will vote, and all the eXpert’s out there will vote also!

Get ready for it!

NOTE: You will get more points for variations.

                   1)yoyoman   vs Samad
                   2)Ebinballer   vs Starscream88
                   3)rsmod123  vs knobbemoki1
                   4)               vs
                   5)                -
                   6)                -
                   7)                -
                   8)                -




Any time limit? Or can you just keep going however long you want?
Can it be in clips?
Can you switch yoyos?
Any prize?


(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #4

You can only have 1 throw. I have nothing to give so the prize is who ever wins is the YoYoExpert best suicider!


Can we do 4a suicides?

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #6

Uhm, no.


Why one throw? Even world record setters get more throws


why no 4a suicides? They are suicides too :-\


they are easier. but they are simalar.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #10

I could do a 1hour video of me doing suicides, and i would totaly win. It’s fair with 1 srong throw. It’s like your’s. Only 5 combos, or tricks.



ignore the end.

replace it with yoyo expert.


(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #12

Lol, i know.  I saw this on 1drop site.  I didn’t know Brett put one up, oh well.


I dont think its fair cause some people dont have yoyos that can spin for maybe 5 minutes. I think time limit would be better.


Yes, that is a very good idea. I can barely spin for 20 seconds when doing tricks lol

(Chris Allen) #15

I will Sponsor a prize for this contest also.

Nothing crazy, but there will be a prize if Steven will let me give one.
Stipulation, Steven, you must have 15 entries for me to sponsor a prize for this contest

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #16

It doesn’t matter how long. If you could do 2 AWSOME suicides, you could beat a guy who does 50 normal suicides. and DrYoYo that’s okay but you don’t have too.

(Chris Allen) #17

Okay Steven, If you change your mind I really don’t mind

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #18

Comon poeple! Want to win a prize for yo-yoing! Join DrYoYo, and my contest!


(Chris Allen) #19

No man, It is your Contest, i am just giving prize to the winner help encourage people to join. Its all you bro.
Heck, I might even compete


I would like to compete.