Yoyo scars/ The lions have bit me

69 grams of horizontal goodness, miss the catch this is the result

And assorted scars on my knuckles. My middle finger had been hit twice already

photobuckets draw tool sucks

Post proof that you have to tame your throws (scars, post em’)

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I have small ones on the back of each of my thumbs. One on the back of my right hand. I also have one of a ring going halfway around my middle finger (i landed on the string when jumping over a trapeze and the string tightened. You can feel a bump the whole way around my finger. This happened a month ago.)

No real scars but I have dislocated my knee while yoyoing.

See that bump above my eyebrow? Nuff said.

I don’t have any pics, but I have a scar about a 1/4"-1/2" just under my left eyebrow from a dark magic, and a 1/2"-1" scar on my right eyebrow from a grind machine. needed 3 stitches for the bigger one.

No scars, but was throwing while my back was hurting and it ended up laying me up for a few days.

Also, my hands are so scarred up from other stuff I do, I doubt I’d notice anything as a result of yoyo, or probably not care. “Oh, blood. Well, that’s an inconvenience!” Wrap it and keep on doing what I was doing before/during the incident.

ALMOST got popped in the head a few times. Luck will only last for so long.

Hey look, a face.

Look underneath my eyebrow on the bridge of my nose. That was 5 stitches, from what I consider to be quite a funny story. My mom has pictures of “proof” from the hospital, I’ll post those when I get 'em.

Well, my fingernail fell off about 5 minutes ago. bahahaha

I hate that.

I HAVE THAT SCAR! Mine is a little closeer to my eyebrow. Ill post a pic hopefully when i get home

I love my avalanche, but it doesn’t love me back.

Yep, not even five minutes ago I was practicing some horizontal tricks and the yoyo slipped off (somehow?) and popped my right on my lip. Now my mouth is swollen. I also have a nice variety of scars on my hands and face. :wink:

string tension is not your friend if you arnt nice to it. horizontal=bad string tension if you are bad at it. so, TIGHTEN ALOT!!!

no scars, just lots of ouchies :slight_smile:

yup, me too

At the rate this is going, there’s going to be a helmet requirement!

I know, right? When I first started looping, I used a helmet.

I almost knocked my teeth out when I first got into unresponsive play. I had just learned to bind and I didn’t realize that sometimes the string gets hung up in the groove after a sloppy bind. I threw it down hard and it snapped back up at full speed and flew right past my head as I screamed “WOWEEEEE!” My girlfriend was watching and all she could say was, “stay away from the walls, you’re gonna break my picture!”

No scars but ive popped a blood vessel in my finger.

so yeah, over binds are a biznitch. happened to me while I was at school to…

Well, yesterday I was using Jensen Kimmit’s über long string, hit my popstar on my foot and fractured it. Hurts soooo bad. :frowning: