Yoyo revival - Cold Metal Mini Gor

Recently i got a yoyo in a trade, and it have no brakes and wrong bearing (regular C instead of metric C). “No big deal” i thought, but it appears that it is a bit difficult to find brakes and bearings for it.
Yoyo`s name is Mini Gor, it was made long ago by russian brand Cold Metal.

Since yoyo is old, there is obviosly no info about compability of pads, and i also was not able to find suitable brake pads in current market due to lack of information about actual sizes of pads :smiley:
I measured recess on a yoyo, and sizes are the following: 17mm inner diameter, 22mm outer diameter, 1mm deep (or less).

Yoyo uses metric C bearings, same as early ILYY yoyos, and it seems that almost all metric C-sized bearings in popular stores are sold out long ago. There are some alternatives for bearings (they could be found by name “686” or “686ZZ”), nice, but i have not found these with a concave, sadly.

So, here i am, looking for help in search of unusual pads and metric C-sized bearings with a groove. Any help is appreciated.


My solution so far is to cut a few dif .555 pads by hand and get some flat 686 bearings, but i would still like to obtain some “stock” parts and concaves…
Please head me to right direction :smiley: Or at least contact me, if you have some spare concaved 686s (aka ILYY-sized) bearings.

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Contact ILYY for bearings, they sold me some recently. You may have luck on aliexpress as well

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I had one of these and I am certain they did use dif pads but I cannot remember the size I would have swore they were .555 but since you had to cut them, I guess not LOL! It was such a fun yoyo and I absolutely loved the finish they used on them! Sadly they are so hard to find now days I’d love to have another haha! Here are some photos of the one I had back in 2007.

The black sticker on the hubstack were the center circles from Duncan friction sticker sheets. They added so much grip it made catching the hubstacks so much easier. I think the bearing next to it in the third to last photo was one for the hubstack.




Ok, i finally revived it.
Thanks to Frank from ILYY for bearings, and to Andre for .555 dif-pads.
And yes, the one supposed to cut pads in order to install them into MiniGor.

Oh boy, this thing vibes a lot :smiley: Powder coating is not a good thing for yoyo`s perfomance for sure. I am thinking about stripping it and finding an anodizer :smiley: Ano may not help it with vibe, but at least it should look pretty.

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