the bearing on my legacy became damaged where can i get a new one thanks


First of all, try not to have your subjects be in all caps.

Second of all, welcome to YYE!  :slight_smile:

Third, Any size “C” bearing will work. You can get a KonKave bearing here…


is there anywhere else i could get a cheaper one. my budget is tight.


These will fit:


Are you sure the concave will work with a legacy.


Totally Sure!


Yes, the KonKave bearing will fit as long as you get the correct size, but the ones I linked to aren’t konkave.


Also, if you want to spend $10, you should get the One-Drop 10ball bearing. Exactly whats wrong with your bearing?


(Chris Allen) #9

Hold on, before you go buy a new one, what is wrong with yours?


Don’t get mad. But I got some string stuck underneath the bearing. When I took it out I squeezed it to hard and it has a dent on the side.

(Preston Huft) #11

You can get 10 for $20 at’s the best value, but I’m asuming you don’t need that many. And besides,they have so much lube getting them to spin is impossible without cleaning themin either mineral spirits or thin lube and an air compressor. You can get Dorothies,KKs, BC Groove bearings, SPECs, half SPECS, Pre-Cleaned, 10-Ball, Ceramic KK,and regular in that size from (That’s NINE DIFFERENT TYPES INTHAT SIZE!!!). Hope that helps. ;D


Yep, that’ll do it everytime. Gotta be careful with the pliers. :wink:

I’ve done this more than once trying to get bearing off of YYJs.

(Chris Allen) #13

That is no big really, You can deshield the bearing and it will be fine.

Get adult to help you since you will probably need to use a razor or a pin to pop out the C-Clips.

It is very common to play your bearing deshielded.


How young do you think i am. I am sixteen. It was just a accident. I don’t need “Mommy’s” help.

(Chris Allen) #15

Lol, How would I know that? I made a guess, sorry.

But yeah man, just deshield it, it will be find after that


I deshielded it and it still is not working. I am just going to get a new one.


Did you actually bother cleaning it, or did you just take the shields off? If it wasn’t just a matter of shields pushing in, then cleaning it would be your next step.

(Chris Allen) #18



I cleaned it with mineral spirit and put a very small amount of thin lube on it. It still is not working. Itmust be just bent out of shape. I don’t think there is anything else I can do.

(Mark) #20

Did you place about a needle drop not a full drop on it?