:’( no my yoyo bearing broke :’(

;D it gives me a chance to get a concave bearing ;D
aybemay alay ylonnay earingbay ayyay!!!

You seem pretty happy about having a chance to get a KonKave.

Wait…What? Nylon bearing?

Um its quite hard to literally “break” a bearing ??? Care to elaborate? Can u post some pictures too? ;D

my bering broke on my old yomega xodus. i was playing with it at school and the 2 parts of the yo fell of. the berring fell off. i picked it up and one side of the berring was gone i looked and found it but i could not fix it. the berring literally cracked!! lol :o

What exactly happened to your bearing?

What. Am I the only one who can understand Pig Latin?

Probably, we’re not so smart…jk! But…uh, nylon bearing?

ya i was trying to get it out of my yoyo and it was stuck i gues i skweesed to hard it cracked

andlay ilay aswy ustjay uttingpay uplay igpay atinlay otay eesay iflay anyonelay ouldcay igurefay itlay outlay


Still…Nylon bearing. ::slight_smile:

Hahahaha. Yay Pig Latin! and I would suppose so. Did you put cloth around it before you used a pair of pliers?

a cloth? no should i

guys i think his SHIELD just fell off and got dented and he lost his c clip so hecant put it back.That’s what happend to my kk fell and the shield somehow got dented.

no i leav my shields off ill post some pics soon ya go it snaped

wow,how hard did u pinch?

:-[ wethe plyer wernt the ones i normaly use i think its cuz the yo is abou a year old

oh and when i sed nylon bearing i ment ceramic

so thats a dorothy?