legacy II trouble


any bearing fit in the yoyo i had tried with a OD size C and a yyf size C not even the yyj speed bearing


Umm, are you saying only the speed bearing fits in your Legacy II?

They should all fit.

Or no bearing fits? Make sure there is no bearing in the yoyo. Take a cotton swab and dip it in Rubbing Alchohol. Then run the seat until it looks clean.

Or just see if there is something in the seat or if something looks deformed. Like a small bump or a little spike, or a chip.


sorry for bad english not my native language ;D . i was triying to say that no bearing fits in the yoyo.


No problem!

Check what I said to check for where the bearing should go ;).


If it’s new, contact where you bought it from and ask for an exchange.

If it’s not new, you need to figure out what the issue is.

Is the yoyo and/or bearing not spinning? Maybe the solid spin axle has come loose. Maybe the sides of the bearing seat need a bit of shaving off of some plastic? But that would indicate a manufacturing defect.

Also check that area for stuff in there that shouldn’t be in there.

The Legacy II should work fine with any C size bearing.


i just try to clean it with alcohol not it fits but it doesnt spin


Take the bearing out of the yoyo and stick it on a pencil/pen/rod and flick it and see if its spins rough and slow or fast and free.

Yeah, do the alchohol thing.


Take out the bearing. It’s probably a crappy old one. Buy this and put it in. I’m 100% positive it will work if placed inside the yoyo properly:


Also we need Pics. Please post them If you know how to. :wink:


The bearing spin well in other yoyos The OD bearing is new


We still need Pictures of Bearing Seat.


Maybe tomorrow because i dont have The yoyo right now


Just cause its crappy doesn’t mean it’s not going to fit.

Besides, he said he has tried more than 1…


I meant there might be gunk in the side of the bearing.


He said it doesn’t fit. And won’t spin.

Are we confused?

Does the bearing spin in other yoyos?


Jeez! Chill out bro. Just trying to make sure EVERYTHING is ok before anyone makes a recommendation that won’t work for him.


yes all the bearings spin well in all my yoyos


It appears it’s a little rough. Might need sanded down some.


How do i do that


You would need to take sand paper and wear it down.

Did you buy this yoyo used?