Is this on purpose?

I lost the bearing on my legacy 2, so I popped in a YYF SPEC bearing. But the weird thing was, it played responsive with the spec bearing, and there was a heck of a lot of vibe. I tried this with all of my spec and centertrac bearings and all of my yoyojam yoyos too. The same thing happened every single time. Why do you guys think this is happening?


Are you certain the bearings are the same size?

have you tried cleaning the bearing?

It’s a conspiracy!

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^ A contraction and two more words! I’m concerned Studio. You feeling alright? Can I call you an ambulance or something?


That does seem weird first that Studio had such a short post and second that he YYF bearing was not working well in the Dark Magic II. I have used a koncave bearing in my DMII with no issue so don’t think it is size. I’ve used the same koncave bearing in DV888 with no issue.

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The shields of the bearing might be touching the bearing seat.

Try cleaning the bearing. If that doesn’t work then try putting the bearing on the yo-yo a bit more firmly. If that doesn’t work then it’s time to get a new bearing. If that doesn’t work then I will gladly take your Legacy 2 off your hands.

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I’m OK. I had a super late night. I had to drive to SF to do sound for a gig. The event ran late due to a Chinese New Years Day Parade that blocked up traffic in the City. I got out at 3AM and got back home at 4:45Am.

Anyhow, I have a Konkave beaing that doesn’t fit in a few yoyos. I tried to put it in my RecRec Sharp(which is having other issues now).I think that in many yoyos, due to machining, there’s a small margin of tolerances. Similarly, the same issues post likely exist for bearings. Unless Q/C testing occurs on each unit(which is unlikely in the manufacturing stage), every once in a while something is just a tiny bit too far out of spec tolerances. Now,the same bearing, I decided to stick for now in my Aoda Magic Pear Ball(which has a konkave copy), but I have a feeling it’s heading to my Speeder 2 fairly soon.

If the bearing is not fitting in some yoyos and fitting fine in others, it could be some yoyos might be on one end of the tolerance scale(say, smaller end) while the bearing ended up being on the other end(large size) and unfortunately, this combination didn’t mesh too well. Chances are in assembly, if they find a bearing that doesn’t fit right, they probably set it aside and try it in another yoyo or put in a “rejects” pile.

I doubt things like temperature and weather would affect equipment enough during manufacturing from day to day.

PS: I didn’t mean to worry anyone. I was out at the park for an hour and I was throwing. I was alone at my “yoyo meet”. And I was trying to record a tutorial for someone and I decided to trash it because the lighting was unusable and I was too lazy to bring out other lights. So, I’ve gotten at least 2 hours of quality throwing in today. I’m quite pleased!

So, all the bearings are DRY, I’ve taken all the shields out of all of my bearings, and I’m sure they’re all C sized bearings.

On a happier note, I found my YYJ bearing the goes with my legacy and all is well in yoyoland. not that I really like my Legacy 2 that much anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re not happy with your Legacy 2, perhaps if it’s a white one with blue caps, I would be more than happy to give it a permanent forever home in my collection where it will be thrown frequently.

No, it’s my “Hey-this-guy-wants-to-try-yoyo-so-I’m-gonna-let-him-try-my-(almost)-indestructible-yoyo” yoyo.
And it’s blue with gold caps.

That’s part of the reason why I keep my ONE responsive.