legacy 2 bearing seat

is this normal my legacy 2 bearing seat can’t house my yyf spec c bearing or a yye c bearing just asking

Yes you should be able to put any size c bearing in your legacy it does not matter the brand.

meant to say can’t

Any C bearing should fit in there just fine. Are you sure it’s a C sized bearing? Well, if it’s a YYF, it should be, I don’t think they stamp YYF on any A bearings.

Do you have other bearings to check this with? I would find it odd that one wouldn’t fit and that yoyo passing quality control.

well i tested the yyf spec on my supernova my center trac from my hot and my reg c from my psg and a kk from magic yoyo they fit but don’t spin

I’d like to take a look at this, but unless you are close enough to where i live to make this work your drive and time, I’m not going to get a better answer for you. I extend the offer to you. If you’re near Sacramento, California, let’s investigate this. I don’t want you mailing something to me, too likely to get lost in the backlog of work.

I think its time to contact the place of purchase. I have no issues with my Legacy II, but it’s also working just fine with the stock YYJ Speed bearing. I have put other stuff in it with no problems or issues.

Check the bearing seat for flaws, bumps nicks points, ect.

It really sounds like you have some type of debris, oil, grease or dirt embedded in the bearing seat on one half or the other. Take a que tip cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol and thoroughly clean it.