when I play with my legacy the bearing stops when spinning and the entire thing stops.

Did your string slip in between the bearing seat and the bearing itself? I have a legacy, and this never happens to me, maybe you didnt tighten the gap enough

nope, it’s right in the middle like a konkave bearing only it’s a stock bearing.

Maybe your bearing locked. Does it spin when you flick it?


Has is gotten any thing in it? If you don’t know try blowing it out with an air compressor. It also might have a cracked ball. might have to get a new one. later and remember keep it spinning.

Try cleaning it.

  1. De-shield the bearing
  2. Get some mineral spirits, pour some of it into some sort of closed cup/can
  3. Shake it around for a couple of minutes
  4. Take the bearing out of the can, spin it with your finger for a couple of minutes, making sure no mineral spirits is left in it.
  5. After thoroughly spinning it, take some YoYoJam Thin Lube, or if you dont have that, you can use:Trumpet Valve Oil, Clipper Oil (That’s what I use,) 3 in 1 sewing machine oil, or gun lube. Drop a small drop of your selected lubricant onto a pin or needle, and touch it to a ball in the bearing.
  6. Spin the bearing thoroughly, spreading the small amount of lube evenly throughout the bearing.
  7. Re-shield the bearing.
  8. Plug it in your yoyo, and play with it!

The entire process is shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHb5a-kTzz8

or cleaning the bearing, what is mostly recommended to clean it. Mineral Spirits? Is that it?

Yeah, thats what I said in my above post, lol